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Friday, May 19, 2006
Tidak Apa, MENJ

~ Let It Be, Beatles

In the pass two days, Miss Claire of has been writing interesting and thought provoking posts on a very sensitive issue. I think this issue sits in the top ten position in Malaysia's rather long list of sensitive issues. Many fear inciting hatred or ruffling some feathers at the home front. Others are just plain selfish, having a "tidak apa" (trans: never mind) not wanting to participate in an issue that is very important to Malaysians.

So what are we talking about here?

The latest pic posted by MENJ of himself.
You may want to read the article relating to this photo.

For very obvious reasons, we are talking a 26 year old Muslim man that goes by the name of MENJ (acronym of his given name). I have been a regular participant over at his blog and have made it a point to comment on issues that I think need addressing. I feel that it is necessary for me and many other young people to voice our opinions and discontentment over some of his posts. As a matter of fact, I think it is our duty as a Malaysian citizen to do so. Who is going to protect our rights if not ourselves?

I have mentioned this many times over here at About Nude Not Naked and I will take this opportunity to mention it again. We are fast approaching our 50th anniversary as a sovereign and liberated country. What are our achievements as a nation? What have we done? What are we contributing to the world? What are we famous for? What can we do to improve human rights, healthcare, education for the common man on the street and what can we do to increase our economy by creating a system that is trustworthy and conducive for investors and tourists?

What I admire most about MENJ is his spirit. He is dedicated to something which he believed in. While I think he is skewed in his beliefs and thus, writing a lot of things that is not necessary true or good for the nation, I admire his dedication to spread his form of beliefs. He has written a book and is producing yet another book. Do I think he has enough juice to write a book on comparative religion? No. But he wrote it nonetheless.

We are talking about a 26 year old student (he is still studying in APIIT) who is still living with his family. Nothing wrong with living with your family and generally nothing wrong about still being in college at 26. I doubt he has traveled much and that is clearly what is lacking. He is short sighted in many of his views and is not credible enough to walk the talk he has been preaching over at his blog site.

He wrote an article "Beloved PM", my A-hole" last evening. And that is just the start. He does not seem to be able to accept others who have a differing idea from him. He has no respect for women (another example here) and generally anyone who does not share similar opinions as his.

And the cream on the icing? He has political ambitions to create/build an utopian society that is based on Islamic principles. MENJ's convictions are so strong that he is certain that the nation will benefit from being governed by Islamic principles. What he wants to do away is racial policies (so out goes bumiputera special privileges) and replace it with good religious principles (in comes discrimination of a different kind).

So basically this man is replacing one form of discrimination with another. The only key difference is he wishes to be the man in charge. Kinda reminds me of Osama and his form of jidahist movement...

The offending satire.

If a few comic strips were offensive,
what do you call this satire about destroying another religion?

Minishorts has presented a very good argument for MENJ's latest naughtiness. Please read them to further understand what I am asking all of us good citizens of Malaysia to do.

Minishorts vs MENJ - Round One
Minishorts vs MENJ - Round Two

MENJ's reaction to Minishorts' posts.

In previous months, I have highlighted the issue of MENJ and you can read it here.

What I am asking you today is to spare some minutes to think of your future and that of your children. What do you want your future to be like? How do you want Malaysia to be? What can you do to contribute to our society? If you are concerned for your future and your religious freedom, please spend a moment to write posts on your blog to raise awareness for this issue. You can do something positive, so take a proactive role. Write to the newspaper if you must. Voice your concerns and present your facts clearly.

Talk to your friends about this issue. Educate the young about their freedom and rights while walking and working in a multi racial country such as Malaysia's. Defend your national interest and that of your community. Do it with dignity and maturity. Do not resort to name calling.

Do something today. Make your voice count!

Do not have a "tidak apa" attitude. Take a lesson from Pol Pot and Cambodia in the 1970s. All the inner city dwellers were removed from their homes and loaded by the truckload, only to be exterminated by the millions in the countryside. Here is a good reminder of what will happen when the citizens do not question and do not voice their concerns. Those who lived in the cities, willingly walked into their own deaths, sometimes even digging their death beds. The reason why I said they willingly walked into their own deaths is because they did not object or oppose the new regiment. Neither did they question. They were being "tidak apa", just packed into the trucks as instructed and went as they were told.

A farmer named Pol Pot and his army of teenage peasant guerrillas took two weeks to round up all the city people and literally killed thousands upon thousands. And not a soul questioned these military men when they were first taken into the countryside. Okay, so they had guns but their numbers were a fraction of the citizens they were rounding up. So why didn't any intellectuals and citizens from the bigger cities object? Would Cambodian history be different if someone stood up, objected and said it was wrong? What happened if those who were evacuated refused to be relocated into prisons? What if they grouped together and cooperated against slave labour (normally 10 to 15 families lived together with one Khemer guard)?

All it took was one crazed man and a band of rowdy uneducated fools to burn blood into Cambodian history.

No more "tidak apa" excuses. Stand up and make your voice count. That is the beauty of democracy in Malaysia. Make full use of your rights as a citizen. This is a good opportunity to think about our pass and what we want for our future. It is time to talk about it.

Do not for a moment think that this is about religion. This is about our freedom and our rights as a citizen of Malaysia. It is about protecting the sovereignity of the country and the freedom we enjoy each day.

The issue at hand is not "Christianity vs Islam". The issue is about a SMALL group of people who wants to destroy and obstruct the freedom of MANY citizens in Malaysia. It is not about being Buddhist or Hindu or Christian or Muslim. This is about balancing the views of a man (and his little group of friends) and letting him know that his intentions of destroying others is not acceptable in Malaysia.

And again, as I have mentioned in my previous post about MENJ, I hope the police will keep an eye on this man. Yes, he is indeed a small fry at the moment, not even able to complete his basic college education. Yes, he is still feeding off his mother and father at home. But he has blatantly said that he does not pledge his allegiance to the nation and its people. If he is not pledging his allegiance to the nation, who is he pledging to?

It makes him dangerous. He used words that were uttered by many lost men who went on to destroy the lives of many, MANY people in various countries. So beware of MENJ and the likes of him. Keep an eye on men like him and watch out for his future. Do not allow him an opportunity to grow into anything more than what he is at the moment.

Or for that matter, anyone who seeks to destroy what is giving all of us peaceful sleep at night.

Small Talk
Link to this post if you wish to support what my call for Malaysians to be more socially responsible (but you do not have the time to write). Thanks.



Excellent post. Keep up the good work :D

8:04 am  

Let us just ignore that bigot and eventually he will be shouting only to himself.

We should be forward moving and enjoy our wonderful lives along the correct path.

8:45 am  

blogger politics... hmm

1:48 pm  

Great post Otto!

I couldn't agree more....

*nod head hard*

5:41 pm  

Otto....... Sorry but I have to let out a big sigh here….. I came tonight (01:20 am) to read your blog. I was looking for entertainment. But you gave me a tough cookie here.

What I will say next is totally my personal experience and opinion.

-It took me soooo immensely long to read all the redirections to posts of MENJ and I nearly PUKED.... with all the content. I personally absolutely hate religion. This sounds very extreme and it is in a way. Hate is actually a strong word. Let me describe it more accurately. As an atheist I am open to all suggestions towards the meaning of life... god etc etc. I have no problem with people trying to convince me of anything including their religion. (As long as they do it verbally!!!).

However I do have a very very very very! serious problem with people who either do not consent with my personal opinion. Some people seem to think have to convince you and cannot accept it when I simply choose not to believe you. Very unfortunately these people are often religious people. So in other words I have a VERY serious problem with people that are not open minded like me. All those religious thoughts that are thrown at me, I consider them all. I weigh their value and assess their credibility and validity. And I get nothing, ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing in return.

Many religious people are trying to convince other people that their religion is the right one, yet will not question or assess their own religion. While trying to convince others to change their minds, it is their own mind that is not tolerating change. They are asking you to do something they themselves will not do.

Unfortunately this causes me to fiercely and deeply despise religious people. Zealots I should say.

Thus I become short tempered. If I am only allowed to listen to a person but am not allowed to talk back, to express my views, I am being oppressed. Fortunately I have a BIG ego and usually decide not to bother with such incapable *sorry I was going to swear and curse here* people. Hence I ignore them.

Which brings me to this post? As I mentioned, I do not mind if people try to convince me of their beliefs as long as they do it verbally. However, (and I must apologize I have not read all posts and replies in full because I was super annoyed by their one sided religious content), as far as I get it, MENJ holds some very strong beliefs whether they be religious or not and somehow thinks he is the right person to enact his believes upon others. (Take for instance his stance towards women). It is this what makes me angry. It is this what threatens and breaks societies. And although Little miss rightfully mentioned this is not about religion it is often that religious believes stimulate believers to engage in strange acts of “persuasion”.

And I am not necessarily talking about violence! I am talking about linking a religion to a country by constitution. I am talking about baptising your kids. I am talking about letting children read certain books in school (over and over again). I am talking about people who in any other way than normal verbal communication try to influence another persons views.

These things I personally disgust. I believe in freedom of the mind and the capability of people to make the right choice if provided with all information. It is upon the people to act according to this and speak up.

However, one of the main problems in this world is that people sometimes forget to do this, or are afraid to do so in group pressure. Hence the history of the Khmer and Nazi regimes came about in this fashion.

Nevertheless ( I am sorry I am just provoked by the topic of religion though I know you did not want to talk about religion.. Sorry Otto) It is religious people that I deem most dangerous. Dangerous as in threatening freedom of opinion and speech and enforcing their beliefs on others. Why? Because religious people tend to be most blind in pursuit of their beliefs. Drilling from books and not listening to other views. Furthermore, because of certain religious books these religious people keep on returning to bother people with those beliefs. Fortunately, the Nazi and Khmer regimes died out (mostly) and I thank *I don’t know who for there not being a book that will revive those beliefs and start it all over again. (lets hope mein kampf is not read by ignorant people)

1:52 am  

I saw one of your comments on MENJ's blog. 'Twas sarcasm right? Right? Heh.

If I have a God, I would say, "My god, that was fucked."

He's passionate alright and he's a bigot. Luckily for us, he can't argue his point eloquently which means that he can't even convince moderate Muslims of his views. *phew*

Also, why do extremists of both Christianity and Islam spew forth so much hate and violence when neither the Bible nor the Quran does?

Which brings me to this oft quoted thought: religion is good, but ppl are idiots.

Just what I need on a Saturday morning - deep thoughts. I need to go get some alcohol to calm my nerves now. :P

4:27 am  

Yeah man, that was hardcore. After my International Relations exam. It was rather unnerving. I've heard of him, but always stayed clear, he just seemed to provoke such negative energy. >:(

Sorry, no big comment on the issue, but I have been made aware and have directed your post to some people. Opinions are futile to the stubborn ones like him.

3:12 am  

Oh thank you *blushes*

I absolutely agree with your suggestion. Am going for coffee in Starbucks before clocking in for work today. Ahhhhh....

Boss Stewie
This is BEYOND blogger politics.... but am not going to talk about it anymore now that he has blocked Msian IPs.... sometimes demonstration of disapproval is vital for healthy social growth.

Well it is solved now... MENJ is getting a strong hint, I think this time around... so that is sufficient for me.

Sorry, babe. I am gonna email you... lots to talk and can't do it in the comments... MENJ is unique, in the sense that there ARE NOT many like him or share similar views as his.

Sarcasm? Nah... he would have banned me much earlier if I was =)

I just wanted MENJ to know that there are people who are offended by what he writes and that his beliefs are not welcomed here in Msia... that's all... he can continue with his blog etc but at least a small portion of us have made our thoughts known to him.

3:09 am  

Hey Otto - thanks for stopping by earlier and sharing your thoughts on this...

I, too, have enjoyed rebutting his skewed and myopic view of the world around him. The fact that he's excommunicated his blog from his audience says lots. But namely, how childish he is. Kinda reminds me of a spoilt brat locking himself up in his room 'cause Mom & Dad denied him ice-cream.

Or something to that effect.

In any case, I share your concern about bigots like him. Anyone who's insensitive enough to say that someone who died from cancer deserved it is a sad reflection of the kind of moronic belligerent MENJ is.

Even sadder, though, is the fact that there are many people in Malaysia like MENJ or worse. Their fascist, MCP and bigoted view of life is one of the reasons I started myAsylum. While I fully agree with you that people like these our country could very well do without, the reality is that they there - in scary enough large numbers.

I intend to continue the good fight (and if you've read some of my posts you'll know what I mean) in an atmosphere of free and uncurtailed speech. Free speech is a double-edged sword I have come to respect - and sometimes that respect includes having to put up with moronic rantings of the MENJ kind.

Such is life in this asylum we call home...

9:17 am  

this is an awesome post, and urgh, it sucks to not able to read blogs at work.

and boss stewie: i don't think there's any issue of politics here. this is practise of freedom of speech in all its glory, provided we do not take it too far and go to the authorities with this case. its best we settle it online.

12:29 pm  

Perhaps locking his blog down was a good idea. It helps to calm the storm and let the dust settle.

We should be free to comment and discuss sensitive issues. It is time that we do here in Msia. If Msia was human, it is about pencen time oiiiii... we can't keep saying that it is sensitive. We are grown and many of us have traveled and studied abroad, our minds are broadened and we can talk about stuff... and disagree and still be friends and friendly about the whole thing.

That calls for maturity =)

Thank you. I will try to squeeze some time to write an article to "cure" this current hunt for MENJ... I have mentioned this since last evening at various blogs and I will mention it again here.

I am asking readers to think about their future and to be proactive, to be a responsible citizen and to make an impact in the political, economic, tourism arena.... To do all of these things with dignity and maturity.


2:23 am  

I just came accross your blog, I will hold my tots on what I have so say on your other postings but I think fighting against Religious Hypocrites is a very noble cause. Just look at the wars around today almost ever single one cause by religion. I agree with all your tots and opinions as I share the same ideas and ideals like your self when it comes to this cause. Think these ppl shd watch Religion the Root of all evil, download it if you must. Its fine and dandy to have a religion to practise it do what you want on it but DON’T impose it on people, don’t think you know everything and everything quoting stuff here and there little knowledge can be harmful. I have also been told why waste my energy and all my efforts on this topic but if we all did that or have been doing that I can sure imagine the world today! Everything and Anything in excess is bad and this applies to religions people. I am so sick of people going around telling other people that they are not good Christians , Hindus , Muslims and these people are missing the very essence of their religion which is not to condemn other people, not to put other people down and talking bad about other people is that a sin it self. So if you violate any of these simple rules how can u be going around shouting in the whole world , blogworld in this case that hey look at me im a good Muslim. 130% support

4:40 pm  

While I was in uni and the so called goodie religious people used to whisper about me just coz I wore Skirts not short mind u and hung around with guys , Friendship only I was a good person and that all one needs to be a good person to love all , to love your paretns , neighbours , friends dont hurt anyone.That is what the essence of any religiong should be. While it is many people choose to indulge in other things. I really dislike the Hollier then Thou attitude.Well at least i didnt have a head cover while smoking in my room and having sex eh !!!! - Same Anonymous as above-

4:44 pm  

I have only of very recent came across MENJ's blogging. I must say was very apalled at writings. OK let me correct that... I was was angry at his writing at first but after much delayed, and calmer disposition I posted my comments in response in a fair and rather peaceful tone.
Guess what, his reponse and those of his kind responsed with such negative zeal. You can almost taste pure hatred and such anger there.
My thoughts are, that responding by posting comments on his site are a waste of time but in fact it is more of a fuel to feed his agenda and attract traffic to his site which in a way giving him more income. He cannot be reason with and those of his following cannot also as they are too busy spewing hate.
Why feed him fuel to grow?.

I think it's great that people like you are standing up in this manner and channeling a counter response via sites like your will be more productive.

8:43 am  

whats the matter??cannot handle the truth? this is comparative studies about religion, it is not a show off about whos religion is bests and who is not. The whole idea of MENJ`s blog is to enlighten ppl about islam and mainly to counteract other religion claims and accusations about islam which are baseless and most of the time wrong. Dont tell me you are denying the right to speak freely in malaysia. That means you are as bad as the news ppl and the papers.

6:20 pm  

Menj is an eloquent douche but a douche nonetheless. I hope he dies of painful bowel cancer.

3:51 pm  

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