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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Otto And The Sweat Shop Factory

~ What Am I To You, Norah Jones

Click on this song for an authentic feel
while reading this particular entry about friendship and love.

So Little Miss Otto went to work with her MiniBoyFriend after her work hours. Ten minutes before that, she was at Good Editor's portable office in a trendy cafe somewhere uptown, where she received an offer for an all expense paid trip to Bangkok. Good editor was compiling a team of talents to design and produce a watch catalogue for a very fashion and serious client.

"No joke-joke, ok? When you go there, you wake up real early and work hard," Good Editor warned.

"I know lah! I do work with very serious clients in my own company, ok?" she said, reminding him of how serious she could be when she was required to be serious. She said this while swinging her crossed feet at the bar.

Her heart flipped the instant she heard of the trip to Bangkok. She felt so delirious, she phoned MiniBoyFriend R, who was still toiling away at some sweat shop, mass producing shirts and uniforms for companies everywhere.

"I'll help," she said, offering her services. She then recalled folding 150 t-shirts for Citibank employees a few weeks ago, the last time she rendered her help to a very panicky MiniBoyFriend R.

The place was quiet when she reached the door. All hell broke loose a few seconds later. More than ten ladies walked out through the tiny side door, all seemed happy going home finally at 7:00 p.m. Three seconds later, R appeared, hands shaking, clearly in need of some nicotine. She walked towards him and stood by him while he was sat at the fire hydrant. Cars came and went and soon all those ladies were no more. R shook his head.

"Die lah this time," he said, "160 shirts and only 16 are completed." He frowned, then stepped on the cigarette butt to snuff it out.

She went into the embroidery room, three steps behind him. Along with his best friend and business partner, the three of them tried their best to complete a few more. Because she was not a trained tailor, her chief duty consisted of packaging and labeling. This time around, she clipped and undo all the mistakes in the embroidery. When she was done, MiniBoyFriend R was still working at the embroidery machine. The machine was noisy and so they hardly spoke. When they did, it was about the Good Editor and his offer to add both of them to the Bangkok Dream Team.

It was 10:00 p.m. and none of them have eaten. Her tummy was rumbling as she skipped along the narrow path in the room. When she grew tired of skipping and MiniBoyFriend R was still working, she got busy with her digital camera. Her first subject was naturally MiniBoyFriend himself, ever so hardworking. It was amazing watching him thread the needle. He threaded like a pro!

Join MiniBoyFriend R's overtime shift
and he guarantees you will lose 2 inches within a month.
So eat your heart out, Marie France.

Ambassador for the MiniBoyFriend R's diet program,
Best Buddy lost 3 kg in the 1st two weeks
of joining MBF's skim kena kerja OT.

Little Miss Otto loves colors as you can see.

Bright color threads all in a row.

Tantalizing to Miss Otto's eyes.

Colors that brighten even your dullest day!

She felt awkward after some minutes taking photos of spools of colored thread. Consequently she moved to a new subject...

Little Miss Otto says "HI!"

Ian noted that women's feet were very sexy.
Here's a photo of The Nude's, though she seriously doubts that they were a turn on.
Note to self: Sexy feet = slim string Jimmy Choo shoes, not fancy Rockport sneakers!

Only left for dinner at 11:00 p.m. MiniBoyFriend looked superbly tensed. He described how the embroidery machine's scrotum fucked up badly and how the machine was left with one ball. MBF managed to finish the large bowl of laksa in between laughing and cursing the machine that refused to work since half pass 9 p.m. Little Miss Otto was wondering how to cheer her MBF and realized that she sucked pretty much at cheering up. She realized that she was blessed with supportive friends, such as MBF R who helped her through her drama days effortlessly. She then consciously made an effort to be the perfect MiniGirlFriend.

"Good night, MiniBoyFriend R," she said, then giving him a tight squeeze. "You know you squeezed my bottom over the weekend? You mah lat lou (trans: pervert/horny man)"

MBF R laughed, flicked his ciggie and walked back to his 160 t-shirt mess.

In retrospect, Little Miss Otto does not put too high hope on the all expense paid trip to join the photographers, designers and models in Bangkok. She feels that she will end up writing for the catalogue rather unglamourously while sitting in her panties at home.




ok i'm confused.. i thought u were supposed to be in the uk now

8:51 pm  

I actually meant they look really good when in high heels...

But sneakers also okay lah! Hehe...

12:34 am  

exam stressss :(

I love how you have music to go with your posts now. Kinda like a blog soundtrack.

I have an affinity for soundtracks. Absolutely adore them. :)

And yea, when're you coming here? :P

1:43 am  

Boss Stewie
I am supposed to be in London by June 5th for a flower show in Manchester (or was it Birmingham?) Now with offer to Bangkok, I am feeling a little torn.

For certain I will be somewhere other than Msia in June. It is just "WHERE!"

I'll pass you my UK mobile and we'll chat more, okie? Duck rice, duck rice, duck rice!

2:14 am  

Aiyah, high heels ar..... no wonder I did not see any "sexy" in the Rockport shot......

I learnt this soundtrack thingy from R. He gave me a haiku composition "Four Seasons of Love", with many drawings and private messages inside. It came along with a burnt CD, which I had to listen to when reading certain passages.

"What Am I To You" has been playing in my head whenever I meet R these days. It is the tempo which attracts me and somehow it represents how I perceive my relationship with R.

Don't stress over exams. Wait a minute, what am I saying?! Oh you will miss this "stress" when you graduate to a new stress level at work...... hahaha =)

2:19 am  

Sneakers sexy also......

Not showing a leaving a lot to the imagination...


6:46 pm  


6:49 pm  

We share similar idea on the concept of "sexy"... hehehehe, see some, don't see some, then very sexy mah....

I am flying as soon as I possibly can, babes and babettes! Then all of us can relax into a table full of yummy duck rice and stuff...

It is odd that I learn to eat spicy food and appreciate duck in the UK... what is wrong with our duck here in Msia?

7:07 am  

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