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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
My Dirty Little Blog Secret

~ Dirty Litlte Secret, All American Rejects

Perfect song for this particular post, so click on it before you proceed further.

  • Longest corresponding reader(s)
    A very interesting Bill who is teaching TEFL in Budapest at the moment and JDiamond from

  • Male blogger I MSN regularly
    Ian Liew

  • Male blogger that I have chatted on the phone with
    Kenny Sia

  • Male blogger that I most want to meet

  • Male blogger that I most want to meet but is shy of meeting
    Kenny Sia - this might come as a surprise but contrary to her Nude personality online, Little Miss Otto can be quite a shy person when she is not typing.

  • Female blogger(s) that I most want to meet
    YC and Suanie

  • Female blogger that I have met (though not introduced)
    Kinky Fairy - so cute can die dot com.

  • Blogger that I almost met but didn't quite make it
    Kenny Sia

  • Reader who knows me in real life and participates in NNN comments

  • Blogger(s) that I think is worth more than just one mention
    Nobe and PinkPau

  • So I mention them twice
    Nobe and PinkPau

  • I will share my plate of duck rice with
    Boss Stewie and Boss Lepton of the lengmou fame - just because these two boys know how to hang loose. Okay, and they are in London. Okay okay okay, and because they like duck rice.

  • Male blogger that I perceive as the opposite of me
    SixSeal (Hot Babe) and Looney (also a hot babe) - Okay, I have a fascination for men with tattoos.

    R, for example, has his whole back tattooed in Japanese pop art and has two angels with the most beautiful blue eyes at his left side/rib area. AB has both arms covered (various Christian insignias), the word "PRIDE" boldly running across his abdomen and a demon with its mouth opened at his lower region.

    And the man I chose to be with and live with, Alex is not tattooed at all. Neither am I.

  • Female blogger that I perceive as the opposite of me
    YC and Kinky Fairy in a feel good sort of way and MiniShorts in a weird feeling sort of way.

  • Female blogger that reminds me what friendship is all about
    Suanie - because like Ain, Suanie reminds me of a charming personality, quick wit and steadfast companionship.

  • The ideal MiniBoyFriend material
    KinkyPugKevin (approved by KinkyFairy) and Grey Boy (approved by Otto) - what are you girls waiting for? Go get your very own MBF today!

  • Blog of the moment
    Mooiness - there is such something about Mooiness that I can't seem to pinpoint at the moment.

  • Blog that kickass when she kicks some ass
    Fuckstress - just because she describes anger, violence and destruction so beautifullly. I could not do better.

  • Blog that I wished remained dead
    Daphne Teo - that girl is like a crockroach. Never seems to know when to die, even when smacked hard. Then again, this sense of persevering spirit is admirable. Gotta give credit where it is due.

  • Blog where I have made the most comments
    MENJ - I don't know if I should be happy or disappointed that MENJ has not threatened to ban me from his blog. He doesn't even "layan" (direction trans: "to entertain") 50% of my comments *sigh*

  • Blog that taught me bad language
    XX, Hokkien blog princess - despite finding her entries crass, splattered with Hokkien curss words, I think she is an excellent example of fantastic marketing skills. Not easy to promote a short and stout girl as a bubbly beauty from the East and a success at that deserves a mention.

Small Talk
My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I have been meaning to compile the sex survey but I seem to be churning posts after post, totally ignoring the one post that I have to get my ass to do.

I have an appointment with my lawyer this morning and I need to sort some stuff out before leaving for the UK. I do not see how my work will ever be finished. I am too busy even to eat. I sit in front of the laptop, typing work stuff and writing more than 14 hours in a day. I am promoting good economy in Malaysia by buying 4 pairs of shoes in the last 10 days. I wished my bank balance was healthier though =)





Awwww... such a sweetie. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time. :)

2:57 am  

Hmmmmm, I know the secret to XX's success.

Its this wonderful new Makeup that can remove Scars, zits, unsightly bulges and everything in between. Not very expensive either, only 5 bucks at Imbi or Low Yat. And the best thing is, guys can use it too!!

Yes, take a bow, Adobe Photoshop, you miracle worker, you!

3:14 am  

Paiseh paiseh, cannot sleep liao.

I don't know what it is about me either, but when I find out I shall let you know. ;)

4:42 am  

That is because MENJ dont have the necessary balls to reply most of your intellectual comments.

9:10 am  

*sniff* ty ty, now I wish my friends would think of me liddat too... *sniff*

9:32 am  

Eh, I haven't seen you on MSN lately... Hehe...

12:54 pm  

Better luck and better timing the next time ;)

Well most magazine covers featuring really pretty models are photoshopped too...

2:46 pm  

Must be the sexy glasses....

Anon 9:10 a.m.
A compliment! Thanks!

3:01 pm  

Make me your friend and I repeat it whenever you want me to... heheheheheh....

That's because I was busy stuffing my tummy and you playing mahjong.

3:02 pm  

Fancy a scotch & dry sometime soon?

6:15 pm  

Actually, I am not a blogger at the moment but i am still mentioned. ^^ hehehe. Though i have a blog online. Yep yep Its just that NOOOO one knows the adress. Not even you ;p. Hehe will publish it soon when ik have time to make it look more decent and when i buy some webspace and a domain. Bye the way via you i took a look at the blog from YC.... those are some hot drama queens. Sorry but that was what came to my mind in the first place. Pretty nice blog too and than i mean content wise.

Hope to see you soon again.
MUAH! Wouter.

1:54 am  

Holy HOLY crap. I just reread my comment. Sorry guys the english in there sucks and so many typos. Lets blame it on being 3 am. too little sleep and I have been typing for like 5 hours straight now.

Still though... I suck

1:56 am  

MINI bf? -_-

3:48 am  

ehm. its like a collection of the bloggers name. -_-"

10:19 am  

otto.. only about another 2 weeks before i leave london for good...

are we having that duck rice?

5:59 pm  

Okay lah... not so MINI, ok? *smiles* eh, I like your avatar...!

And it is about time to list them!

3:37 am  

Yay! Scotch on me =) email soon!

You know you are the only one I've met prior to this blog? You gonna come here and be here without me?

Man, we should go to the 7-11 and reenact the 1st scene again... damn sexy.

3:39 am  

Boss Stewie

You are gonna come back here for good?

Man, I was gonna nominate you are MiniBoyFriend in London wei......

Duck rice asap. Might just skip the Bangkok thingy and head straight into Four Seasons with ya!

3:40 am  

WOoooooo HOoooooooooo~! I'm HOME!!!! let's meet soon!!!

4:19 am  

How do you find Msia so far? Culture shock or not? I culture shock each time I come back here... Hahahahha....

Let's meet up.... erm, let's do so as soon as I garner enough courage to go kai-kai with you and YC...

7:52 am  

Never mention me *sniff*

7:55 am  

kai kai...nah.

we like to sit infront of 7-11 with our beer more like it.

8:59 am  

I only like alcohol lor.... never mind, I smuggle my little bottle... shhh...

Do you have a tattoo? =)

10:04 am  

Allright allright otto we switch roles ok. You and YC can sit in front of 7-11 and i pick you guys up.... Hmhmhmm Does not sound as exciting though. One girl picking 3 guys up is somehow more striking than one guy picking 3 girls up...

On a more serious note though... how about you telling me WHEN you will come to the UK. I will be in Singa like from the 10th of june untill mid august or somethin. If you are already gone by then we will arrange something back in europe. UK is super close by anyways. OK lAH! Let me know send me an e-mail or somethin.

1:58 pm  

Yeah, I didn't realize how near everything is in Europe until I drove to Belgium to have lunch by the river and buy Belgian chocolates on a Sunday afternoon!

Will email ya.

7:14 am  

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