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Monday, May 15, 2006
A Conversation With My Readers - Part Two

Dedicated to my longest corresponding reader,
a reader who became a friend, whose name is Bill
who once wrote to me with the following question.

"Here is a question for U and maybe U can write a blog
entry about it. Tell us how it feels for U to see the desire in their eyes
+ sense the lust in their hearts? I am not only
referring to sleazebags like Mark who would turn off
most women anyway but from just average, nice guys who
gasp when U glide into the room. Catcha, B"

The email was written on 9th April. It took me more than a month to figure this question out. I have thought about it on many occassions and never seemed to know the answer. Some 6 hours thinking about it in the bathtub, 15 hours while driving and whole loads more while talking to Mark and other men, I think I have the answer. 36 days on, I am surprised by my answer.

So Bill, here is the answer to your question ---> I have simple breakfasts and nice conversations with them.

Here is the excerpt of sms conversation between MiniBoyFriend R and I today, a few hours after Ain left us for Indonesia.

Approximately 8:00 p.m. Sunday evening:
  • Otto: Wah friend, just now so sweaty under the sun, all woman smell now...

  • R: Dun worry. Scent of beauty.

  • Otto: Hahaha, I can't tahan. U can b extremely cute & adorable! U make my day la. Cya 4 bfast 2moro. Shld I skip bathing 2day, so smell of beauty 2moro?

  • R: Must shower. Tomorrow artificially perfumed like usual. No need so pretty.

  • Otto: Haha, so u dont want me beautiful in the morning la =) catch u 2moro. U call me okie? 9ish?

Approximately 10:00 p.m. last evening as I wrote "Of Great Friendships, Eating, A Quickie and No"
  • Otto: U knw u must tell me the truth all the time. Dont shield me from truths and think it's protecting me. I knw AB dont love me. It is ok. I am big girl. I might cry but I will be wiser.

  • R: Sometimes I wonder what's love? Sometimes I can't tell. Can you?

  • Otto: Love is everything u hope 4 n dream of. It's happy n sad, tossing together, never without each other. U can never love if u never hated or cried. It is never perfect but it doesn't matter cos love makes us feel alive n dead.

  • R: For a certain person, he is only able to have simple breakfast and nice conversation.

Good friends are hard to come by and sincere friends, as rare as comets passing through Jupiter. I am very sure that there are many girls out there with great MiniBoyFriends sharing similar sentiments. There are reasons why some MiniBoyFriends are MiniBoyFriends and they do not become lovers. They cannot and do not cross that fine line between friends and lovers, no matter what how much love, affection or attention is showered.

But what sustains a MiniBoyFriend and makes some men last a lifetime while others fade? Relationships blossom and wither but these MiniBoyFriends remain steadfast forever.

You know you have found something precious when you find someone whom you can just be yourself, someone who loves you when you are weak and someone who will accept you whatever you are. And when you find the person, you will find satisfaction in the easiest forms of things. You will love the person but the feeling is above romatic love.

What do you call something that is above love? When it is the smallest things that satisfy your soul?

Small Talk
Had breakfast with R this morning. It lasted for two hours and finally he said, "What the fuck did I tell you yesterday?"

He related the story of last evening, when he attended his classmate's wedding. Bride was crying on her wedding day. Groom pushed Bride away as he laid in drunken stupor. Groom went home, fell on his face and had a bloody face by 2:00 a.m. It is interesting to note that the groom was always the perfect, responsible one who did everything correct every single day.

What a way to make a mistake. Making the bride cry on her wedding day. It was not truly his fault though because he was basically gone, washed up between some faraway planet in Whiskey Land. As the bride sat and cried in a corner of the grand ballroom, the mother of the groom decided to talk to her son. She got shooved too.

If the boys had not coax the groom and made him drink glasses after glasses of whiskey and red wine, it would not have happened.

Poor bride.

The point of him relating the story was ---> "Am I violent when I am drunk?" R asked.

I shook my head. He was usually very talkative when he was.

"Am I obedient when I am drunk?" he asked again.

"Very much so."

"Then I am not drunk enough. Must try harder," he concluded.

I do not understand men sometimes.

A bunch of photos arrived in my mailbox today. Here are 3 to share with you. Photos from this year's Chinese New Year reunion.

Left to right
Classmate 1, Otto, Classmate 2 and E.

Left to right
Otto, Classmate 1 and SuperMiniBoyFriend

Left to right
Classmate 1, E's BF and E



awww come on otto

are we ever going to get to see ur face

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Boss Stewie
Only if you treat me to a nice plate of duck rice in Four Seasons =P

5:57 pm  

What I see is a beautiful lass behind this mosaic layer.

9:15 am  

Anon 9:15 a.m.
Hey there stranger... care to share your name?

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