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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Uncloud My Mind
Small Talk
I've been receiving a good response from the ladies but where are the guys?!? With blogs such as The Hustler and TigerJoe, I had expected more support from the boys!

Jom lah, what are you guys waiting for?! Gotta balance the data in the survey, you know!

Good morning, fine readers!

I wished I had cloned myself and send three Otto clones out to run errands for me today. There is banking to be done, some work at the office, a supposed Starbucks girlie chat with E and more work that needs completing.

After days of writing really long posts, here's a short one from me today.

Perhaps I should not think too much and reflect on my life.... Good Editor remarked that I have a pessimistic view of relationships. I hope I am not giving you guys those vibes here. Anyway here's a little piece of me and a wish for everyone's day at work, pleasant!

For some hot action, why don't you and some friends fill up Nude, Not Naked's sex survey?

TTFN!!! That is tata for now :)



A friend recommended fierecely this blog. So far, I have noticed the words "sex", "nipples", "chinese bra" and "bra-less".

Sounds like a blog worth reading, reckons myself. Heh heh.

By the way, does Stockholm Sydnrome a compulsory for readers??

5:55 am  

What happened to words like "love", "friendship" and "childhood stories"? Didn't you read them? Or you have selective reading? *haha*

Stockholm Syndrome is a compulsory. Soon you might have to start petting my ego before I write. Ahhhhh my diva self is emerging :)

Cheers babe and enjoy reading.

5:59 am  

Just make sure its ego where petting occurs alright, not some moist balls. LoL

Btw, I wanna say hi to my friend, hope you don't mind if I tag here.

"Hi Evelyn, yeah you the one who manufacture swim caps, stop reading this blog and go back to work!!"

Thanks Otto (for involuntarily become our medium, hehe). I am reading happy now.

6:55 am  

Evelyn who manufactures swim caps
Hello! Nice to know a little bit about my readers out there... say why haven't you participate in the sex survey? *promoting sex survey*

Do participate in the sex survey. Elect a pseudo name if you do not wish for me to knw who you are.


7:07 am  

Since you are a lonely soul over here, you should have Alex cloned. Hahaha..

9:42 am  

Ahhhhhhhhhh I am sure that Alex has stored his DNA samples somewhere... He is the sort who would pull such stunts... Wanna hear his views on world dominion?

11:13 am  

I think I can relate to the way people percieve you and how there are so many fake people out there. Like that chinese saying 'kou shi xin fei', they say all the sugary nice stuff but are gossiping about you behind your back. It sucks, really.
And the bimbo image thing. I come from one of the top 3 schools in my country, yet people still think that I am a bimbo just because of the way I dress and how I like acting like one sometimes.

3:34 pm  

I'd like to think that there are many of us who feel the same, been treated the same and been viewed as the same. Especially the girl enjoys dressing up and doing feminine things.... just ask any women working in a man dominated industry.

On the flip side of things, it is far easier to conquer a bunch of twerps who think you are stupid (since they underestimate you and probably would have let their guard down while you are plotting to take over everything - muahaha).

12:04 am  

Yes, that is so true. Good blog btw, enjoy reading here :)

9:12 am  

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