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Friday, April 07, 2006
Just Breathe

Imagine the world going on at a fast forward pace, splashes of rain as you walk along the street. A little girl walking at truly hurried pace, trying to keep up with her adult keeper. She drops a doll and rushes back to pick the rain washed cotton doll. A homeless man fixing his bed of plastic sheets and newspaper for the night.

Hurrying along the highstreet, watching people taking shelters in bars and pubs. A man shaking his umbrella dry before entering his million dollar apartment. The sun is setting and city lights filling the cityscape. A whole new world at the end of the day. Huge neon boards selling you ideas at high speed. Buses stop to pick up a beeline of eager workers, wanting to go home.

A lady standing by the curb, taking a quick smoke. A friend tapping her back and smiles exchanging, betraying the fact that they are pitching for the same projects. Another two ladies laughing as they pass you by. Two boys shouting and running pass you. Turning your head, following their Nikes, a bag breaking and fruit rolling. Silver haired man screaming at two twelve year olds, raising his walking stick at them. The ladies flicking their ciggies and exhaling their last smoke. Bending down, he is picking everything from the ground: a book, a bottle, two apples and a pack of cigarette.

Another girl looking, then looked away. Twenty four eyes shutting. Another bus stopping and another beeline sitting on worn out chairs.

All you can do is just breathe.

I brought you something close to me
Left for something you see though your here
You haunt my dreams
There's nothing to do but believe
Just Believe
Just Breathe

Another day, just believe
Another day, just breathe
Another day, just believe
Another day. Just breathe

I'm used to it by now
Another day, just believe
Just breathe. Just believe
Just breathe
Lying in my bed
Another day, staring at the ceiling

Another day (I do believe)
Another day(so hard to breathe)
Another day(not so hard to believe)
Another day. Another day.
~ Telepop's Just Breathe



Everyday is the beginning of a new day that you have exchanged a day of your life for it. Therefore, make full use of it.

5:14 am  

Amen to that!

10:53 am  

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