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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
You Are An Evil Man

His office was clean and new, having been renovated quite recently. Prior to that sun scorching afternoon, I meet him whenever friends we share in common meet up for drinks. He was digging through the piles of samples on his table and we were chatting about the usual. It must have been almost a year since I met him and he had lost all his puppy fat.

“Your wife is doing a good job caring for you. You look good,” I said, praising his wife of a year. He smiled and gave me a low down on the recent happenings.

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DAMN... I'm so gay...

10:51 am  

You know Chris Martin by name? Damn....!

11:15 am  

Coldplay lead, right? I hate myself :(

12:39 pm  

You know I am just teasing ya... *winks*

1:16 pm  

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