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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Motivation and the Girl

I can’t write. I typed, then deleted, then typed on a different topic and then deleted and the process repeated itself for more than one hour. I have written more than 5 serious articles in the span of the last seven days, so I need to take a break.

I give up.
I cannot write another word until I buy something. Anything. I am not choosy.

I am writing on a totally different subject today.

Today, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I shall introduce you to my favourite girls. They are called Beth and Faridah and they are pimped out by a certain fashionable man named Marc.



It was two weeks ago that I whispered coyly into the phone, "Hello babs...."

"Yes?" his voice was trembling. He could sense it coming.

"Babs, can buy me a nice handbag or not?" I purred.

"How much?"

"Approximately 300 pounds only," I said quickly and softly, hoping that he did not hear it.

"WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT?! 300 pounds ONLY!?!?"

"You love me, you buy for me lah," I said.

"Babs, you so naughty! 300 pounds can bring Milo to the UK, you know... you rather one dead cow than a hairy Milo?" Alex said.

"But I need a handbag to go to work!" I pleaded.

"You always need a handbag. Or a pair of shoes. Or a new blouse."

"It is called motivation!" I pouted, "why should I go to work if not to wear beautiful stuff and look pretty?"

Do you think this statement is true?

Girls are made to look pretty
and boys are made to look and appreciate pretty.



I AGREE!!!!!

3:19 pm  

poor BF

3:23 pm  

*tsk tsk* I agree too!!!

Kenny Lee
BF not poor.... Otto poorER if buy... never BF *smiles* some things feel better when bought by the lady herself.

3:45 pm  

ZOMG! 300 sterlings! Good thing I was sitting down when reading this.

4:26 pm  

Why is it that men don't understand why girls NEED to have that bag... that shoes... that blouse that she doesn't have in her closet????

I am glad you were sat down. Feel comforted that I will not buy the bags..... I just like yearning for them.

Eh you guys noticed or not? Girls are all "GO GO GO" for these things while the boys are more reserved..... hehehehehe...

4:39 pm  

If you NEED to have it, pay for it yourself..then ask your boyfriend to pay you back for it in installements every time you use it.

This means if you fork out your money you really want it, if not you are just wasting his money on more shit you don`t really need.

7:09 pm  

Darling.... Do you think that I am the sort of girl that needs a man to buy me things?

I bought my own everything... my car, my house, my clothes, my tampons, my blings, my everything.... I got my man because I needed companionship... not because I needed a bag.

Perhaps you should get used to the idea of a woman with stronger personalities?

4:09 am  

Christians believe God first created Adam, then Eve. But, for what is Eve? Needless to say, to be Adam's companion and also for his sexual disposal. Such are the reasons that 'Girls' are made to look pretty.

10:45 am  

Funnily I am swung towards your opinion as well.... women are created to be men's companions. I even agree with the 2nd half of the sentence with the exception that I would not call it "disposal"...

Makes women appear to be like cum buckets, which by the way, was a word introduced by Alex. Talk about being indoctrinated with all sort of male mumbo jumbo.... hahaha..

4:10 am  

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