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Thursday, December 08, 2005
More Than Words

Reading Malaysian Alien's entry on childhood and bullying made me smile. Here is my story of a time when I knew a boy named Chee Meng.

He stood at the corner and watched me jump ropes with the girls. We were 7.

He stood at the corner and watched me jump ropes with the girls. Then he flipped my skirt and screamed, "Pink color!!!!" We were 8.

He made me cry each day as we rode on the bus home. Father waved his finger menacingly at him but he laughed as the bus went down the road. We were 9.

He asked me why I didn't wear a bra. I turned beet root red with embarrassment. We were 10.

When hormones kicked in, I paraded my developing breasts and stuck out my tongue. We were 11.

I screamed at him because he said I was flat. We were 12.

Father sent me to a different high school and I had a year of peace. We were 13.

Met him again during tuition. We were changed physically - he bigger with a cracked voice and me taller with longer hair. We were 14.

He walked me home one day after tuition. For once, he was nice. We were 15.

He turned up at my door every day at 6 a.m. We went bike riding around our housing area. We were 16.

We became friends. He sang "More Than Words" to me and taped it in a cassette. We were 17.

We lost contact. We were 18.

Chee Meng, wherever you are, know that I think of you often. I laugh for all the stupidity we've done together and smile whenever I hear "More Than Words".

Be well and be happy.

Women forgive and not forget.

But best of all, Eu-Jin, women remember the sweetest things you've done.




hmmm... not too sure about that.. but i do wonder sometimes whether the women i've had the pleasure of knowing DO remember me...... probably not.. :P

4:39 pm  

Depends on what sort of pleasure, I guess... *cheeky grin*

5:09 am  

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