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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Paisay Liao: The Blog Wars

I suspected as much that the current blog wars were a mere creation of a few. Mainly I imagined their MSN chugging on this way two days before yesterday:

1st He: Wah so boring *drum fingers on table*

1st She: Ya lor. Ya lor. Our bloody stats also not up-ing. Everything so quiet. Bloody talking abt Dawn this, Dawn that.

2nd He:WFT abt Dawn lah? She pretty meh? My grandmother prettier wor.

2nd She: Now to gain some attention back and create traffic.... we pretend-pretend a blog war, how's that?

1st He: ... but... but, we not really war what...

1st She: Haiyoh, I teach so many times, why you don't remember?! Pretend lah!

1st He: Pretend? Pretend to fight? With you?

2nd He: No lar, fight with me. I visit your blog and say nasty-nasty stuff...

2nd She: And I come up with huge article about hating you.

1st She: Yeah - then we hate-hate each other ok. How's that?

1st He: Logical oso what. Then we all get high traffic for few days.

2nd He: And get femes...

Now that the beans are spilt, it turns out that 1st He and 1st She were the main people planning this blog war thing. 2d He and 2nd She weren't part of the dialogue. So now I imagine their MSN to be:

1st He: KNN....

1st She: Looks like bad publicity liao...

1st He: You kena called PSM-ing summore ar.....

1st She: I thought we are here to find a solution to this stupid mess we've created for some traffic. Since when are you allowed to make sarcastic remarks? You cannot use the PMS trump card wor.

1st He: Better find solution or else we look stupid during 3rd PPS bash.

1st She: Not to mention, we might not (GOD FORBID!) get nominated for Best Blogger next year because of bad publicity...

1st He: How about, we say we only playing prank? Say we teaching ppl how to blog war?

1st She: Ya hor, first time you come up with smart idea...... at least cover our asses lah... This doesn't mean I like you though.

1st He: I know. I also don't like you what... but what to do? Last minute trying to save our asses from the public calling us stupid no life..... for starting a war out of nothing lah...

And so 1st He and 1st She agreed to praise each other on their blogs.

The end.

Wait a minute. That story might have ended but I have a little more to share.

I am a fence sitter. Namely because I hate spending 2 hours writing a blog war article when the same amount of time can be used to do other things. Like sleeping. Or shopping. Or reading. Or writing a chapter in Nude, Not Naked.

But since I have been reading everything everywhere, I have been rather slack in terms of the Nude, Not Naked stories. My only consolation is that I am writing a lot - just that the pieces aren't about Nude, Not Naked at all.

I need to shift my attention to some other blogs. Through an older link, I found photos of Hot Babe and realised that he not only had a tattoo on his right wrist, he had another on his mid lower arm. Today Hot Babe played doctor, dispensing medical information.

Wahhhhhhh I didn't know paracetamol could do wonders...



I was the mastermind of all these.

1:41 pm  

As I had suspected as much, Eliar.

2:35 pm  

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