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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Back Back Back!

*run up and down the blog with arms wide open*

I am back! Back back back! I was showing bloody internet withdrawal symtoms! Like reading two Candace Bushnell books in 4 days. Then highlighting certain words and phrases. Like thinking what Malaysian Alien is over the long weekend in the states. Like thinking what Hot Babe has snorted or smoked in the pass few days.

Like visiting AB on Friday night and not telling anyone about it because I know everyone will nag me because everyone knows AB fucks my mind terribly. *crackling evil laughter*

But you see, seeing AB was just what I needed. It made me reflect on my life and think of lots of things. And a new idea for Nude, Not Naked. Consequently I am glad to announce that the last five days of internet deprivation has successfully made me do more rewarding things. Like actual writing, instead of nonsensical rubbish – which is not appropriate to mention here.

I am sitting in a quiet corner somewhere in StarBucks. Coffee and internet as salvation for the afternoon.

Let me get to my stories and I shall come back to you guys.




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