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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Tribute to

Now this is written a little too late since Hot Babe has sorted out the legalities pertaining to his blog. I am, however, glad that I am a little too late. Don’t you?

I shall write about my personal experience or rather lack of experience. The following article is written by a reader.

Tribute to Huai Bin, who taught me right from wrong.

I do not smoke. Yes, I have mentioned this many times but I shall mention this again. I do not smoke cigarettes. So logically I do not smoke weed (since it is often rolled with tobacco and smoked). As a matter of fact, I do not know how weed look like. If it was not for Hot Babe’s (erm, I mean Huai Bin's) blog, I would have just swept tiny specks of weed, mistaking it for tobacco.

And since weed is the most common of all drug whatever you want to call it (or so I think), it is therefore safe to conclude I have not a clue how any other pills/drugs/pharmaceuticals look like. Prior to, I actually needed my father to explain what these drug related things to me (so that I won't end up swallowing E, thinking it was vit C in a club). Till today, I am not entirely sure what they are or how they look in reality. Hence I am not able to write much here, what more name drop any garden herbs/pharma medics.

It is so not cool, I am telling you. Friends hanging out during weekends. Joints passed around, back and forth and no one passing anything to me. It was my choice from the beginning. But it is terrible to be left out as everyone was flying high while I was quite stranded on earth. When friends talk about experiences that I have not had, I appeared dumb. My choice but dumb nonetheless.

What Huai Bin did was to tell me how it was like. So I can relate to those high mile flyers friends of mine and I can participate in conversations without appearing more stupid than necessary. Honestly, I stick out like a sore thumb because I am about the only person I know who has not tried even a small puff. This sounds stupid because I know I am not supposed to feel pressured by my friends but hey – I FISHBALL* am, ok?

My close friends do not pressure me to join them in their green thumb adventures. They never rolled joints in front of me and I have never seen them pop. They just tell me that they do. We can co-exist because we mutually respect each other's decisions (that's why they are called close friends mah).

But it gets tough when you are out in a huge group; when you meet new people. When it is not your closest friends, some tongues can be sharp and hurtful. “Why don’t try? Why so goody two shoes? You weed virgin ar?” I know these people should not matter and they do not. It is difficult with not-so-close friends, you know? You don't want to offend them or appear dumb/snobbish.

In these awful and awkward situations, Huai Bin helped by offering me some information. I do not need to try because Huai Bin related his experiences. Okay, so the experience isn’t mine but heck, I needn’t tell anyone else. Shhhhh… It helps placate the social situation and I needn't explain to idiots my choices in life in the middle of FISHBALL* Zouk!

I am glad that the authorities have given Huai Bin some leeway. He deserves the chance. You see, I read his blog often. Okay, I admit. I have been stalking his blog for the pass two weeks or so. And I am sure that I represent an average reader of I do not take drugs and I am not influenced to take any drugs by reading his blog. Not today. Not yesterday. Not in the future. Thank goodness the authorities are wise and can see more than just his online persona.

Thank you for helping me cope better in social situations. That I need not feel stupid for deciding never to explore drugs ever. That I can know about all these things without actually trying any.

More than ever, thank you Huai Bin for offering me HONEST and unbiased information that is so lacking in our society. I always believed that knowledge is powerful and possesses the ability to free people.

And I am free.


* Am starting a new word: FISHBALL. Used in similar capacity as “fuck”, as in “What the FISHBALL?”.

Father nods in agreement. “More pleasant.”

NB: Somehow not comfortable refering to Huai Bin by his name. I'll stick to Hot Babe =)

Disclaimer: I apologize if you become more stupid after reading this entry because I failed to write the proper names for whatever above. As pointed out earlier, I lacked information. And I am a slow learner *tsk tsk*



Umm... his name is Huai Bin, and not Hui Bin?

7:17 pm  


Thanks Kenny for pointing it out. You are most observant.

As I have mentioned earlier, each time I see his name, "Hot Babe" appears in my head, replacing his name. And both names have similar initials =)

I missed my flight to Kuching last year. A cheap flight turned most expensive when I had to take the next flight, which was MAS....

12:32 am  

I wonder what happened to his blog.
It is no longer there... COuld it be that he has taken it down?

7:02 am  

Me not sure too. Perhaps he has taken it down to 'clean' it up before putting it up again... remember he has a dateline for many of his postings.....

5:11 am  

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