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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Public Property

Okay once is a mere coincidence. Twice is a unlike chance. Three times is totally uncool.


I have spent the last 10 minutes writing and deleting whatever I wrote, simply because I do not know the proper way to start this particular entry. I just do not know how to do it!

So I shall just mumble along and cross my fingers that you guys understood what I was trying to say for the pass few minutes.

After StarBucks at lunch break today, I decided on a quick look around the shops.

I was and still am looking for a pretty pair of shoes to wear during my god bro’s wedding (known as the very important function where photos are taken at lightning speed and framed in my god ma’s living room forever) in December. I had a nice dinner dress tailored for the occasion, so I have been trawling through various shoe shops looking for a nice pair of shoes (black, preferably leather ballet pumps with some cutesy ribbon, as high as my little feet can trot along on). I was in a particular shop looking through their selection of shoes when I realised a man doing the funniest thing.

He had his mobile switched on and started to snap photos. Of me. While I was trying on shoes. Bloody hell. He tried to be discrete about the whole thing but hey, I know when a person is taking my photo. Period.

The sales person found it amusing. I wished I did. I was borderline thinking whether I could nicely tell the gentleman that I do not fancy having my photos taken indiscriminately (or having some unknown man with a shoe fetish wank off to a photo of me trying on shoes). Neither do I find it a compliment. I actually find it quite scary.

This is the third time it has happened and I am feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing. He was less than 5 meters away from me, with the damn photo camera pointing at me. Is it wrong if I tell the man that I do not feel comfortable that he is taking random photos of strangers? How best to go about this?

Are we really public property?



Er, confront him? Speak out?

6:14 am  

Eliar: I was just at your blog. What happened to the care bears? I quite fancied them *hehe*

It is quite difficult to confront, isn't it? He could just deny and say he wasn't taking my photo. Where to put my face then?

For the last incident, I walked away. Swiftly, of course.

I guess with the advancement of all things technology, invasion of privacy is the norm.

6:26 am  

I would've confronted him. Even if he denied it, he'd have looked the bigger jerk.

Or ... you take out your phone and take a picture of him taking your picture.

4:26 am  

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