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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Playa listen, yeah, I'm a Miss and I go to clubs and I sip on Cresson
That don't mean I'm like the rest of them tricks
In the party getting naughty, chasing money and dicks and
No, you got me all wrong brother
No, I'm a woman that's strong brother
Yeah, it ain't nothing wrong with a woman in the club
Getting freaky to the song

Monday at the disco club
Tuesday at the disco club
Wednesday at the disco club
Thursday at the disco club
Friday at the disco club
Saturday at the disco club
Sunday at the disco club
Every day's the disco club
See us at the disco club
See you at the disco club"

~ Otto's weekend anthem: Disco Club, Black Eye Peas

The Wedding Singer
... and so there wasn't a tall, slim, handsome man with bits of facial hair to dance with at the wedding reception over the weekend. It felt pathetic sitting alone, on a table full of strangers (and a god-aunt) while people (meaning the old folks because we - young chicks and chicos - just do not know how to dance) were walking pass me to the dance floor......

The garden wedding was beautifully planned. A cocktail party after the exchange of rings. Thenafter, dinner and dance by the poolside. It felt almost magical as the sun set into the horizon and the band started playing slow numbers, to set the tone for dinner.

A voluptuous hot hoochie mama in black and electric blue dress sauntered over to the mic. I can still remember the first song she sang, "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole.

"L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can"
~ L-O-V-E, by Nat King Cole

If I had a wedding reception, I am DEFINITELY going to hire the band. It was just the perfect thing to set the pace for the evening - romantic, smooth and soulful.

God-ma was HOT with a capital H! My god-pa doesn't dig dancing, so god-ma dragged a relative to the dance floor. And slowly the whole dance floor filled up with adults and children alike, all dancing merrily and exchanging partners along the way.

And all I could do was sit in my chair and pray a million times, "Please please pleas please GOD.... be fair to me. I want to dance too!!!" The lady next to me poked my ribs and asked me to go up and dance. I wanted to yell, "Harlo, aunty.. you see any man want me or not? See or not? That's why I am the single one here at the table, oiiiiii! NO MAN ASKING ME TO DANCE!!"

Would have been more fun screaming that into her ears than what I actually did, which was to smile and keep my mouth shut.

Then something strange happened. The drummer said "Introducing B" and suddenly the saxaphonist stopped sax-ing and started singing! And looked straight at me in the eye and smiled. And he looked. And glanced. And smiled. And looked yet again. And so it happened - I did not have anyone to dance with but I was serenaded by a cute wedding singer/saxophonist all through the night. I no longer felt quite so alone on a table full of strangers.

Just as I was about to leave, a waiter came over with a mobile phone. On it, listed his name and mobile number. I jotted it down and walked away from the reception without even looking at him for goodbye acknowledgements. However 2 hours later, I sent him a text thanking him for a nice evening.

I told him that he had a very good job, “making girls smile”. He liked that job description.

And that was it. The end.

All accommodation woes were sorted. Our old account with Cititel must have meant something because we got a room after being put on the waiting list on late Thursday evening. Everything turned out beautifully (with the exception that the rooms are now half the size) since we three girls had such fun compliments of a bottle of Baileys and Absolut.

Left to right
E, Otto, PY

Went out approximately 10 p.m. to Sri Hartamas. Danced the night away with some other friends and generally had great fun. Really enjoyed myself and even more so when someone took some photos of us three!!! It’s been ages since I had a photo of us together, so I appreciated the effort.

E poured me half a glass of vodka, mixed with cranberry juice. It was so yummy that I had three more of those. All I can say is "Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" with both hands stretched out like plane. Blurry and fun. A friend called me at 0345 hours for supper and I was slurring.

Last conversation before I slept
Otto: Eh you guys can just close my iBook and the iTunes will shut ok.
E: I can sleep with the music on.
PY: Yeah, I am enjoying the music, so let’s just leave it on.

At that point, the music seemed like noise but I was not bothered enough to put the laptop to sleep.

Slept like a baby. I threw my cheapo Nokia somewhere in the middle of the night. Damn enjoying the moments when the mobile kept ringing with 0500 hours calls!

Madness on Saturday
One hour late for appointment in XYZ.
One hour late for meet up with friends in One Utama.
One hour late for meet up with breeder friend.
Thirty minutes late for wedding service.

Further thoughts...
Couldn’t decide on which kitty I wanted. Was so torn between a male best of the litter and a female darling pussy cat. Am contemplating the purchase of the female and naming her, “Blue Lily Maxine”.

There goes my savings.


Waiting For The Day
Friday, that is. Ex-bf and I had not spoken since last Thursday. How often to you hear a girl saying that she needs space? Well that’s me. I need space. I can’t do this lovey dovey mumbo jumbo 24/7. Drives me insane.

I fare better with the “absence make the heart grow fonder” approach.

The Reason
So I guess the above is the reason why I am still with Alex and I choose to be with Alex. We are apart for some months and are together for some. It gives me space to do my own things (like REALLY work like hell, paint my nails and shave me damn hairy legs!) in peace, knowing that he is fine and that he is also doing his stuff.

He never once asked me to choose him. I guess that is why I chose him.

Woman! Complicated. So go figure.

Survived the weekend with three pairs of shoes, two jackets, two dresses, two skirts and a pink blouse. Maybe I should a Daphne entry soon, just because my stuff’s so cute. Adored them so much, I slept on them on Sunday night. Now that’s I call

Progress in Nude, Not Naked has come to a halt as a direct result from the weekend *evil crackle* I promise, I promise… within the week.



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