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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Hello Hot Babe

All you guys know by now that I have been secretly stalking a blog. I hold my breathe as I type his URL (no, I am yet to bookmark it - not that addicted YET) hoping and hoping that he has something new to say. But he is yet to update his damn blog... bloody hell, it's the 10th November now and he has left his blog unattended since the 7th! The 7th!

The nerve of Hot Babe!

Another random thought - Men and tattoos (oh you naughty, naughty boy).
Perhaps it all started when I was over at MalaysianAlien's blog. There were some photos of him and his hunny. There is a tattoo on his left shoulder/upper arm area. Just take a look....

Do you agree that MalaysianAlien has a rather nice looking tattoo? Have to see it in person though to be doubly sure.....

Don't really fancy Hot Babe's tatt design (because I can not really see it clearly) but I found where he placed it very seductive: his right wrist area. 'Nuff said...

Lots of things are going through my mind these days. Over the Deeparaya weekend, I drank too much, danced too hard, slept too late, woke up too early and rested too little. Commonly known as flu. I detest days spent in bed. Makes me think more than I ought to....

Dear readers, how am I going to spin the next chapter for you? A happy story or a soapy tale? Sometimes I wonder what you readers are thinking and what you are secretly yearning to read. Whether you are happy that all the stories are happy-lovey-dovey kinds or you'll like some spice added to the stories as I cook them up?

Wanted to end this with a little tale of an indecent proposal I received today. However I am still feeling a little under the weather, so I will skip it for the moment.

Night people.



u almost haven't really said anything in this post, now have u? lol.

2:28 am  


Some things are better left unsaid than said. Kills the suspense lah, bradder....

So how was the gathering at your house?

5:59 am  

Hmmm.. i'll let you see mine if u let me see yours? :P

cheers nude-not-naked chiq!

10:08 pm  

Deviant: Can also, we exchange-exchange.... HAHAHA... The only problem is I am unmarked... let me use my magic colours, draw a temp tatt or two, then we compare... *winks*

3:36 am  

hahahahaha! temp tatt's, real tatt's... the most important part is Location, Location, Location! ;)

6:19 pm  

Deviant: So which location would you consider to be really sexy on a girl?

Personally I don't think tatts near the breasts tummy or arms looks good on girl.... think of it this way = a young girl got a rose tattooed on her left breast. Imagine the rose come into full bloom when she's all preggie... aiyoh....

6:06 am  

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