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Sunday, September 17, 2006
From York Minster With Love
The wedding, held in a medieval hall located in the center of York, was cosy and intimate. Everyone was dressed up to the nines. There were Beatles hair-styled boys and pretty blonde girls in bright green, red and purple dresses. Some wore hats and others had curly mop of hair. I fell into the second category.

The bride, Katie, was a cousin of Alex’s. She has been since a child, a very fashionable and pretty girl. The groom, Chris looked absolutely handsome in his deep brown corduroy jackets and green tie. And he spotted the Beatles haircut.

Photos will be out later when I receive them from the official cameraman, Alex’s dad. Till then, here are some photos of York Minster. Oh yes, I was standing in one of them photo too! The York Minster is a beautiful church, the site of three different era – Romans, Saxons and Normans. It houses the largest collection of stained glass in the world to date.

I shall be going out for a movie with Alex in an hour. Lots have happened since my week away in Bath and York. For one, I have been in contact with both HighSchoolSweetheart and Swedish Love. When it comes to the exes, there is just no full stop, now is there?



you're making me envy you more more more but oh well =p

how's the visit to Bath?

3:32 am  

Nice photos... especially the one with you in it...

5:01 am  

The first photo is awesome!!!

9:47 am  

Wow, these photos are gorgeous. :)

7:49 pm  

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