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Thursday, August 31, 2006
My Favourite Things

It is past midnight and officially it is Merdeka Day. Alex is upstairs, either watching his stash of porno or sleeping. I was glued to the sofa, sitting on the sheep’s skin since 11 p.m. catching yet another episode of Sex And The City.

I looked underneath the coffee table, avoiding the mindless chain of advertisements. There was a pink transparent plastic box with a collection of needles, threads and common buttons. You know that you are a grown up when you own a needle box, I thought to myself. To its left, were three pairs of black shoes. All were mine.

How many pairs of black shoes can one possess? Quite a few pair apparently. Two pairs of leather black shoes from TopShop. They were different although they were black. One was a 4 inch high heel on days when I feel I need a “lift” and then there was the 1 inch flat shoes. I do not believe many girls can carry flat flats, so I opt for the 1 inch flat. I have chicken drumsticks thighs, now shut up. Then there was the black pair of Jones Bootmaker sneakers. Got it during the summer sales.

Seeing the three pairs of black shoes made me think of all the things that I have in my possession. I do not own a single branded good beginning with the letter D, G or L or any of those famous letters. Like most girls, I do feel a tinge of jealousy when my girlfriends parade around with their luxury item of the month. It is almost normal to feel envious when your girlfriends talk about their latest shopping victory.

I could afford one if I lived on instant noodles for a month. I do not fancy instant noodles much and so I have resisted falling into the consumerism temptation. This is mainly because I know once I start, I just would not stop... And I really do not want to sell my soul to a dead guy named Louis or two fabulous gay guys named Dolce and Gabbana. Come to think of it, I change my mind. I might sell my soul to Marc Jacobs.

But anyway, back to my thoughts the moment I looked underneath my coffee table. The three pair of shoes, then the blue patent leather pair of Aldo I bought a week ago, a flat suede pair of Aldo with fluffy pom-pom, the slim green Nine West and Rock Port orange sneakers.

And these are just the ones I have here in the UK! What about the ones back home? The knee length boots, the Pedder Reds and some miscellaneous shoes that colour coordinate. I think I own quite a few pairs of shoes. Actually I think I own enough pairs of shoes that I cannot justify the purchase of another.

I think I am going to hide from the consumerism monster. There is only that much a girl can buy before she realises that maybe (just maybe) she has bought too much of everything. I am thankful that I have what I have and I am thankful that I am not running into the next Marc Jacobs boutique I stumble across in Bond Street.

It is so easy to walk into a boutique and buy what your heart desires. It is however difficult to overcome the increasing pressure to walk around in fancy clothes or carry an “it” bag. What’s an “it” bag? It’s the bag with a name like Mary, Kate, Elizabeth, Kelly, the lot. I read somewhere that an “it” bag has the ability to win a girl the positive attention she desires in her career world. It is the female equivalent of an expensive Ferrari. It is an item so ludicrously expensive and highly sought after, for the simple fact that not many are able or willing to cough up the dough for it. In shorter words, it spelt success.

Or at least success by the common man’s definition. Most of us associate success to wealth and owning material goods. However truth be told, success often is a state of mind. There is no end when it comes to material wealth. You will always want something more and something better. The fancy car of today will be a thing of the past tomorrow and that super powered laptop you bought this morning will be old spare parts in six months time. If you think you would be happy when you own this and that, you cannot be more wrong.

I think the secret of being happy (and emotionally successful) lies in the ability to keep our lives simple. When you are a slave to the latest gadgets and bags and shoes, you will never be financially free. You will feel more calm and peaceful when you are not stressed out trying to earn more money to buy yet another bric-a-brac, because at the end of the day, even your £40 keychain (yes, a damn Marc Jacobs plastic key chain costs £40 in House of Fraser) or your £300 pair of black knee length Prada boots are knick knacks. Just like your MacDonald’s limited edition Hello Kitty, these items will lose its charm. The mere different lies in the fact that unlike your RM10 per Hello Kitty, these items are very expensive dust collectors.

So I guess I am glad that I am not a sucker for luxury items. At least not this moment. The force is strong within me and I shall resist. I hope I will always feel like this evening. I might always lust after yet another something on net-a-porter but I am determined not to purchase them. In its place, I shall be happy with my simpler things. Like my newly painted and decorated living room.

Yes, I live my life dangerously.
My work desk in all its chaotic glory...
And uh, my favourite Vodka and Whiskey within arms' reach.

The big fish is Alex and I am the little fish.
A small collection of postcards from Victoria & Albert Musuem.
My favourite pink suede bag and retro jacket
on the leather sofa we bought this summer.
Sheepskin pillow on a 1930s black leather recliner.

I should tell you about this fish theme going on here,
less you think Alex and I have a fish fetish.
Alex calls them an investment - old antique plates by Shorter & Sons.
You can get them in all shapes, sizes and colours
and these are my Xmas 2005 gifts.

So readers, what do you think of my first adult living room? I peeped into the 14 houses around my lane and I conclude that I am residing in a house belonging to a rather house proud man *smiles*



Whoa... sheepskin on your chair... That's the perfect thing to cuddle on during cold weather...

Good to know that you did not commit yourself to becoming an acolyte of IKEA. HEheehe!

3:50 am  

haha..girls just love shopping!
I asked this girl that i like on what would make her happy and the answer is... SHOPPING!
hmmm..could u tell me the what is it about shopping and girls?

4:41 am  

Alex bought me all those sheepskin rug and pillows to keep me warm... in summer! *hahaha* And no, we are not trolling in Ikea for usual stuffs. I think basic things can be bought from Ikea but if you want an unique living room, you cannot own the same sofa as your neighbour and ten friends.

What is it about shopping and girls? I don't know. Maybe it's retail therapy, a short term emotional bandage. I find myself shopping very well whenever I am in an emotional ruckus. My mind is sharper and I get what I really need and look good in.

Trying to fight back the disappointments with a little pair of black shoes =)

9:34 am  

With such a corrupted and incompetent government in power now, who want to celebrate the 49th national day? We should mourn the beginning of the death of Malaysia instead.

To Pak Lah and all others, please wake up! Enough is enough! If you cannot perform, please go and let other able men to take over, it is so simple. But where to find able men from this bunch of BN joker ministers?

Umno will never learn nor accept the truth, their only concern is: Power is money - money is power. They will never walk the talk and will never admit the wrong they had created.

When the country has been hijacked by a political party for its top members, waving the country flag is like waving the party flag. I will not do it.

For some reason, I don't feel like flying the flag too. It is like I am not even proud to identify myself a Malaysian - knowing how bleak the future of our nation with our current leaders and those "heir apparent".

The socio-political mood in the country has not changed much from a decade ago. What a shame! They are plunderers, lowlifes, cheats……….yes!

We cannot trust politicians to take proper care of the country and its ordinary people. Let us draw a line here and learn from our past mistakes and move Malaysia forward together.

11:27 pm  

I am very please Badawi admits that Muslim countries are among the world most-corrupted. Look no further, just look at Malaysia. Want to learn corruption? Come to Malaysia. We will set up universities to teach that.

It is the Muslims (those ignorant and confused) that are corrupt. Their leaders show very bad example and stop calling their countries Islamic countries. They are not Islamic countries - they are just countries run by false leaders - they are not Muslim leaders.

Right on, man. Could not agree with you more. Malaysia indeed is one of the few top corrupt countries in the world. Soon it will put Nigeria and Indonesia into shame! Using religion as a fascist front to enrich the BN gangs is sub-human and evil.

In fact the whole religion set up in Malaysia is a direct duplication of the Hitler regime, with the Hitler youth now reemerging. Using this power to enrich the gangsters, as history shows it, will not last.

The World Bank has shown that reducing corruption by a small percentage will yield a 3 to 4 times rise in GDP per head. That talking about reducing poverty is a lot of bullshit. By just talking about reducing corruption in international arena to make fame without any knowledge of corruption's implication is sheer stupidity and we have it in Malaysia, time and again.

Islam itself is a corrupted religion. They copy Jews and Christianity religion. Then stole Pagan Temple and take away Hajar Aswad the Pagan God. Hmm what a shame?

Our prime minister is full of shit. When Israel attacked Lebanon, he voiced out. But when Umno Youth attacked MCA, he didn't know about it!

When corruption is so blatantly happening in Malaysia, he keeps quiet but can talk in conference about other Islamic countries. What! Look at the speck in your own eye first! Don't close one eye and peep through the other.

Why worry about others when our very own "half-past-six" ministers are the worst than armed-robbers, because they rob the whole nation under the pretext of helping the bumis.

11:30 pm  

My fellow Malaysians who live overseas please stay there because if you bring you children back home, it will the biggest blunder in your lives.

Was going through my nephews primary 6 school books, and was shocked to see the drop in the standard of education in Malaysia - this is what I found from the English book optima for the syllabus:

(1) English - Name the pictures below. Then say the words aloud - Pictures shown were of a cat, tap, tub, etc. This was kindergarten stuff when I went to school;

(2) Moral is an exam subject and so is;

(3) Physical education is now taught with books in class and is actually an exam subject - They show pictures of how to run, play football - My God this is unbelievable, no wonder Malaysia soccer sucks.

I suspect this is another money-making scheme to sell books, can you imagine 20000 students every year, the best part is the books change every year, thus no hand me downs.

Why we need quota in the university placing, says a lot about the failing of our Malaysia education system in primary and secondary schools, which constitutes some 10-12 years of failed education. 4 years of university education cannot be make goods the lost 12 years. Think about it.

As I mentioned, if only enough efforts and focus spent on primary and secondary education, there is no need for quota along racial lines. And they won't be 60000 unemployed graduates.

Government policies practised over such extended periods of time have given rise to a handout mentality among the average malays - clearly an unintended consequence of the NEP - but it also provides opportunities for the politically connected among the malays to abuse the system sending their off-springs for an overseas education, at government and public expense when they should show more faith in the national system their predecessors and leaders have helped to build.

So many stressed the importance of learning together in school for national unity and integration. I am afraid that is just another myth.

The wrongs and injustices to malays and non-malays alike built around a policy like the NEP has to be corrected - and corrected soon. Time is running out.

The worst one - the fact is, whatever resemblance of unity will disappear, swallowed by bitterness when your school buddy who scores much poorer grades get to be trained as a doctor, an engineer or lawyer while you can only get into a university course like basic science or geography.

I think even sleeping together since 5 years old or even sharing the same dress when young, will not help a bit when you have to spend the next 30 years of your adult life, working under a less-capable boss promoted because he was of the right race and religion.

From the day everyone of the non-malays realizes that race really counts in Malaysia until the day we die, there is constant reminder everyday that the world as it is in Malaysia is unfair. Even after we die, there is still no guarantee of a fair treatment.

Unless these unjust policies are changed, forgive me if I cannot, however hard I try to be naive, believe that a common education for all is a good thing for everyone. I lost my ability to believe when I finished my secondary and left school.

I am already thinking of emigrating to USA and persuade more Malaysians to invest in education in USA for the benefit of Malaysians, and produce brilliant graduates like members of the MIT.

11:33 pm  

I am very please Badawi admits that Muslim countries are among the world most-corrupted. Look no further, just look at Malaysia. Want to learn corruption? Come to Malaysia. We will set up universities to teach that.

It is the Muslims (those ignorant and confused) that are corrupt. Their leaders show very bad example and stop calling their countries Islamic countries. They are not Islamic countries - they are just countries run by false leaders - they are not Muslim leaders.

Right on, man. Could not agree with you more. Malaysia indeed is one of the few top corrupt countries in the world. Soon it will put Nigeria and Indonesia into shame! Using religion as a fascist front to enrich the BN gangs is sub-human and evil.

In fact the whole religion set up in Malaysia is a direct duplication of the Hitler regime, with the Hitler youth now reemerging. Using this power to enrich the gangsters, as history shows it, will not last.

The World Bank has shown that reducing corruption by a small percentage will yield a 3 to 4 times rise in GDP per head. That talking about reducing poverty is a lot of bullshit. By just talking about reducing corruption in international arena to make fame without any knowledge of corruption's implication is sheer stupidity and we have it in Malaysia, time and again.

Islam itself is a corrupted religion. They copy Jews and Christianity religion. Then stole Pagan Temple and take away Hajar Aswad the Pagan God. Hmm what a shame?

Our prime minister is full of shit. When Israel attacked Lebanon, he voiced out. But when Umno Youth attacked MCA, he didn't know about it!

When corruption is so blatantly happening in Malaysia, he keeps quiet but can talk in conference about other Islamic countries. What! Look at the speck in your own eye first! Don't close one eye and peep through the other.

Why worry about others when our very own "half-past-six" ministers are the worst than armed-robbers, because they rob the whole nation under the pretext of helping the bumis.

11:36 pm  

If you read our Malaysia school history textbook - you will realised there are a few changes in the history. Did the malays change the history again?

How can you change the history to make our country and malays sound like so marvelous and smart but the fact is not, and insert the wrong information to our next generation? If there was a mistake made by your ancestor, admit it!

Going back to the history of Thailand and Malaysia, prior to the western colonialism era, the entire Malaysia was part of Thailand; the same way Laos was part of Thailand. Back then, the fittest survived and ruled. There were no such things as international laws.

During the western colonialism period, the British and the French came along. In order to maintain its independence, the Kingdom of Thailand was compelled to give up the currently called Malaysia part of Thailand to the British, and the currently called Laos to the French.

After that, the official boundaries that separated Thailand from Malaysia and Laos were drawn and recognized today by the United Nations.

So, the history textbook in school never really started from the root but started from whoever he is, the Parameswara who seems no one never sure how he looks like, or whatsoever migrant from Indonesia, and after that, all the malays thought this land called Malaysia and call them bumis and need the special rights for everything, and claim from everything.

Arrogant, bully, chauvinist, ego, empty brained Umno - who barely bloody hypocrite.

The land is simply not belongs to you naive malay, even we not to force, already a lot of Malaysians gone to other countries to find better living, especially the talented ones, our country not appreciate smart talented Chinese and Indians, other countries like America, Australia and England they do, that is why their country is so multi-cultured yet advanced, who is the lose one?

We are Malaysians, but then all these years are we really treated equally? We all know about that issues, just that you guys don't want to face it, try to hide it or push people out of the country, well……….no need to force all those talented people are already outside the country, let us see all those well-known Malaysians who work overseas:

The very Hollywood star, Michelle Yeoh in US. The very popular violinist, Andrew Au Yong in German. The very smart author, Sandra Chen in Australia. The very talented Indian chef, Sangkar in Paris.

Where are they from? Malaysia. Where are they now? Other people's countries - and many many more medical practitioners are overseas as well. Who is left over in Malaysia? Those lose one. We no need to force, we choose to leave.

I can't imagine what goes through the minds of faceless Malaysians when Badawi declares prosperity and justice for Malaysians small and great every 31 August.

We have laws criminalizing hardworking family physicians while un-taxable illegal immigrants live off the fat of the land without fear of being deported and apprehended..

There are families too poor to take a bus ride from the hospital back to their kampung and politicians who throw tantrums in public because they were only offered "some useless cars" from the customs department.

The cops arrest couples for holding hands in public and crackdown on sincere, dissenting voices but "close one eye" when BN warlords contemptuously ignore their traffic summonses and fan religious and racial sentiments in mainstream media.

The BN government spends millions to "retrain" unemployed university graduates after spending years brainwashing them with the nebulous Umno agenda and thereafter expects them to perform in the real world.

Our teachers, lecturers and healthcare workers are understaffed and underpaid, overworked but we somehow have RM600 million annually to organize the great Malaysia summer camp a.k.a. National Service.

Our special schools for special children are miserably pathetic yet the ruling feudal masters feel that a RM490 million sports academy is of greater urgency.

Our local citizens wait for months for an ultrasound scan while Project M citizens have no qualms paying for a RM20000 angiogram.

Even as the monkeys in Umno, brandish their keris and sound the battle cry annually, snatch thieves wield their daggers and rob the lives of innocent Malaysians on a daily basis.

As Malaysians of all creeds and colors daily face the threat of violent crime, HIV, drug abuse, diabetes, choking haze and a disproportional rise in living costs, it seems that the only issue that Umno is concerned with, is a non-existent Sino threat to its obsession with Ketuanan Melayu.

It should be compulsory reading for all politicians, national, local, and state - in fact for all Malaysians as well - on the cavernous divide between the wretched and the fortunate in the country.

11:39 pm  

Don't waste your breath. They BN steal the country blind, they strike deals amongst themselves so that all of them can stick their hands into the country's till, then they fight amongst themselves when one group doesn't get to steal as much as another group.

Then to divert attention, they blame the Chinese. The Chinese parties are told, "Hey, don't worry, all this is for show only, you can continue to feed off the crumbs from the table." and the circus continues.

They announce programs to help the poor, then they take them away through robberies like medicine labeling. They own private hospitals, so it is in their interests to let public hospitals deteriorate.

Make no mistake about it - the hardcore poor are still mainly from one race, and unfortunately they are being conned into voting these thieves back in at every election.

49 years of independence? It is more like 49 years of growing independence for Umno selfish and unilateral ambitions for one community. And 49 years of deterioration for the MCA and MIC into mere puppets in the BN.

MCA and MIC are no more effective in defending the rights of the minority communities in Malaysia, as they are easily overpowered and silenced by Umno every time there is am interracial issue.

A vote for MCA or MIC is effectively a vote for Umno. It is better for MCA and MIC to leave BN, in order to represent their communities more effectively.

Wahoo! MCA Youth demands "apology" from Khairy from playing the racial card. Excellent leadership it may seem but wait a moment………They are saying that they have always been obedient and servile to their master (Umno) and now their loyalty is been doubted.

MCA is one of the main reasons for the systemic problem prevailing in Malaysia. So don't bloody pretend you are able to stand up for meritocracies.

With the increasing arrogance, greed and selfishness of Umno, with the MCA and MIC relegated to puppet status, less than a few percent of non-malay taxpayers money return to their own community.

Almost all of non-malay taxpayers money goes into projects that benefit and enriches the malay community. This is set to worsen in the years to come. BN is a racist party and does not deserve any support from the non-malays for all the injustices it has done to them. Off the soapbox.

49 years, we have our independence from the British. But think about it more intensely. Are you sure that we have really got our independence!

At the beginning, Tunku had led us to the independence. But after that era, The Umno who inherited power from Tunku turned around and form the new breed of "colonial master".

In the name of various beautifully sounding policies. The new colonial master is more interested to channel goodies into its own exclusive elite members. Except for some miserable spillover, all really deserving poor irrespective of races hardly receive any thing.

The problem is most people think joining the opposition is a suicide and we should just become always contain and feed the lion and its herd so we might not be eaten.

Young educated Malaysians must now rise up and be responsible to our country before things go out of hand! If we can't criticise our government and they are always in a state of denial - change them - nothing to lose.

11:41 pm  

I have relatives in Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Let me detail the experience of my family members in the West:

1. Equal job opportunities at all levels expect probably the highest post but today even this is changing. Look at the recent appointment of an Indian born lady as the CEO of Pepsi Cola.

2. Equal opportunity to be elected as dean or vice chancellor of universities. Some of the heads of top universities in the US are Chinese or Indians.

3. Equal opportunity to enter universities for all courses including medicine.

4. Equal rights for all citizens unlike Malaysia where recent Muslim immigrants from Indonesian and Pakistan have been given more rights compared to non-Muslim Malaysians whose ancestors arrived in the country some 300 years ago. This is religious apartheid.

5. No differential prices for houses.

6. Scholarships based on either merit or need and not on creed, race or religion. In Malaysia, a malay Muslim has a better chance of getting a scholarship compared to a non-Muslim from a poor background.

I am a Malaysian born before independence and educated at a local university and have served the government much longer than some political (PM) wannabes.

I am saddened and very distressed to see how far the country has slid down over the past three decades. Due to corruption, excessive politicking and faulty policies, the country is gradually heading for the direction of Argentina, Indonesia and Philippines and or even worse.

I fear that we have now reached a point of no return. Only the oil reserves are buffering us from a more rapid descent. But for how long! Then the crunch will really bite.

Please have your parachutes ready when the great crunch finally arrives.

11:45 pm  

You see my friends - in the pursuit of the malay agenda (might I add - blind, overzealous and racist pursuit), they are now paying the most costly price of all - a terribly poor command of the English language!

All the bluffing and lies on the bullshit meritocracy has failed them - actually a slap in their face! Serves them right!

No else has lost out like the so called son of the soil - wonder no more as to why there are about 60K graduates (cannot use ones) are jobless! You reap what you sow!

Dr Mahathir - It is a joke that through your old age recognized the education system in Malaysia does not work. It was you that one of the formulators of the system.

Your education system threw out hardworking, honesty and all the merits of a good education system.

You instead taught malays to be:

Dishonest (steal from the people)
Lazy - your NEP
Steal from the Chinese
Threat the Indians bad even though you were half breed yourself
and worst of all taught everyone in Malaysia to be
Crooked like you.

So now you are feeling the heat because your educational boys are not able to survive in this competitive world.

Your fight with the Badawi and his Oxford scumbags thieves, will take this nation to ruins. 22 years of education ruin by this old Dr Mahathir and his cronies.

Why Dr Mahathir said it now? What did he do in the last 22 years? Maybe he should be a prime minister now at the age of 80 as he is wiser now. Should not be a prime minister 22 years ago or maybe after 22 years he was in office (as an apprentice), then he is really ready to work in a real world……….

Malaysia new dilemma - Some 60000 unemployed graduates, mostly malays have to be retrained; capable non-malays lost to Singapore.

In Singapore there are lots of ex-Malaysians or Malaysians. I just visited one of my primary schoolmates (first met 40 years ago).

He rounded up some chaps, and when they told me one by one that they have converted their passports (even those diehard, hardcore Malaysians who vow not to surrender their Malaysian passports), I felt a huge sense of loss, indescribable.

I have to accept the fact that this is the real world. Some of them are directors, CEOs of multinational, pilots, principals of schools, professors etc.

The only one who came back to Malaysia married a Malaysian wife. Like other diaspora, they scatter and put down roots where there is nourishment and they grow there. Best wishes to our fellow Malaysians.

11:48 pm  

In Indonesia, there are Indonesian Muslims, Christians, Hindus. In west Asia, there are also Arab Muslims, Christians, and even Jews. But in Malaysia, malays must be Muslims to be called malays.

Religion, especially Islam, is very effective in controlling the minds and thoughts of a people, and makes it easy to govern them.

However, still most Muslim malays are such a embarrassing and disappointment themselves by practising intense racial sentiment. Very very very few are open minded, and most of these good hearted malays are from educated priviledged and motivated background.

Too sad the leftover Muslim malays are hypocrite rubbish and will always be rubbish.

It is easy to blame malays (for whatever issue) since there are just too many examples out there for the minorities to exploit. Yes that holds some truth to it, so let us forget about the useless racist uneducated malays. Let us examine the 'smart' malays, the new breed malays.

When a smart malay who had the opportunity to get great education (e.g. from Oxford), uses racial sentiment which is a very cheap way to get around pleasuring own's nipples across the political arena, is not that another example of typical malay? Just that in this example it involves a new breed malay, the smart one.

Again, I am rude but these are real.

Every single person born in this Malaysia should have the same equal rights.

If the Muslim community want to respect Islam, they should give the right and protection to the non-Muslims. Not the other way round. For Islam is fair and is beautiful. It is the racist card players who changed the rules and adopted racism as part of their agendas.

It is not true that outside Malaysia the migrants have lesser rights than those living in Malaysia. This is a fallacy and you know it. Migrants are mistreated in Malaysia more than in other countries - go check your facts.

Umno racist sympathizer yet trying to sound reconciling - no constructive comments - all sound as if Umno racist is the one that deserve the chance and have the ability to fix……….all others opposition party are useless!

You expect us non-malays to just accept unfair justice, racism or corruption for 50 years and keep quiet about it? Thank God, He did not create robots. Humans are retaliate, free to belief and choose - ask Umno racist to do its best to block freedom - watch the fall out!

The world is looking at Malaysia - the decision is simple and against human freedom will have to face God and the world too……….one day!

As many have correctly pointed out, Malaysia is the only place in the world where there is institutionalised racism (NEP defined apartheid).

I guess any person who has followed closely developments in Malaysia can already see the brain drain from our country……….so I will not elaborate.

For your information, a large pool of overseas talents and professionals are from Malaysia or was once Malaysians. I even have a fellow PhD collegue pioneering technologies for NASA at MIT, just because they gave him a scholarship. He was rejected straight away by UM of course.

At least in overseas, talents are valued, appreciated, and given a fair go as opposed to the semi-oppressive and exploitative nature of NEP (and its spin offs).

Equal rights for every citizen of Malaysia and that is how it ought to be. The malays seem never enough to be satisfied with they have - such an inferior race with lack of intelligence.

The Chinese, Indians and Malays fought for independence from the British together. Malaysia is born from the strength of Chinese, Indians and Malays. In American or Indonesia, they obtained their independence in a different way. So please don't compare with the rest of the world.

History teach us that the first inhabitant of Malaysia come from China Yunan. The malay originated from the Polynesia. Malay history start from Parameswara who escape from Indonesia and settle in Melaka. During his time, Laksamana Cheng Ho visit Melaka seven times.

Melaka need the protection of the China from the invasion of the Siamese. Without Cheng Ho, there won't be history Malay, instead you have history Siam.

Mass influx of Chinese and Indians was during the rule of the British. That was before the creation of Malaysia. Today we have Malaysia, who can claimed to be ketuanan?

God save all of us.

Indeed the real bumis are the Orang Asli, they too are migrated from other places many many hundred years ago!

By the way, if Islam is so tolerable, strong and beautiful, why in Malaysia apostasy is not allowed? If this is a worry, then it only shows how weak Islam is!

I pity Malaysian Muslims, you probably are the least free people in this world! Even Indonesian Muslims are allowed to practice apostasy when they become adults!

UK, USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, France, Japan, Italy, Germany, etc - What make them different from Malaysia?

Why are they successful, well most importantly they practised meritocracy system and seconddly they don't have law that discriminate against skin colors or religions or minorities.

Our constitution does not say we are a secular state. But by the same token, nowhere does it say we are an Islamic state either.

A country can be Islamic but yet remain secular in government. Turkey, Egypt and Algeria are prime examples. As long as the Constitution remains the supreme law of the land, we are an Islamic country but a secular state.

All these are really non-issues as long as everybody sticks to the original game plan. So to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike, please try to understand the issues for what they really are and not let your emotions take hold.

11:50 pm  

I have always seen Mahathir as a personification of all that is evil? An overkill description but then if you put down the damage he has done to democracy than you would understand.

He suppressed press freedom, emasculated the judiciary, abhorred free speech, detained his opponents under the ISA, and made the entire police force and judges to his pet poodle.

The country lost billions of ringgit under him. Never forget how he humiliated Anwar. His own Umno ministers feared him and never dared question his opinions and views. Print and electronic media never had one critical word about him.

He was made into a demi-God. He was a virtual dictator.

Now he talks with his second tongue because he is despised by his party. He is actually a nobody that even the Proton management ignores him. He deserves even a more severe ignominious treatment and an exit to hell.

Looks like we are pouring too much adulation on Mahathir for the Twin Towers, MSC, highway, etc. Any PM worth his salt would have done them as Malaysia had to progress with the rest of the world. With the money we had in the coffers, it was possible to implement all these programs.

But look at his colossal failures - tangible and non-tangible. He dismantled all democratic institutions and the rule of law! He lost billions in countless business ventures and megalomaniac dreams.

If he had been a good PM as some claim him to be, then the present PM would have had no difficulty taking over the reins.

Today Pak Lah is running hither and because Mahathir did not lay a strong democratic foundation for its continuation. The transition would have been smooth had Mahathir been a "good" PM.

Remember Mahathir was No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 in the old government. There was a vacuum left after him. Thus, Pah Lah's current predicament!

National car: Did you know that we are subsidizing a corporation immature venture overseas? Did you know that Proton cost dirt cheap in London? How is it ever possible that our Malaysia living standard can increase when we are subsidizing Proton, and indirectly, the British?

MSC: A good idea, but lacks implementation. Our International Advisory Panel said so, and surprisingly, what was done and what was the result? They are still saying we lack the manpower and most of the knowledge workers here! Why?

Highway: If we didn't use the money on the white elephants in mega projects, perhaps we will be driving toll-free roads today?

Ketuanan Melayu and Islamization will go hand in hand and surely this cannot be a good ingredient into to take - "the nation to great heights in terms of achievement and prosperity, well respected and a choice destination for business, education, holidays and immigration".

Authoritarian government carries a huge risk if the objectives and goals for the country and its ordinary people are not achieved. Ordinary people will suffer for many generations to come as a result of failures and losses, e.g. Indonesia, Laos and many African countries.

11:52 pm  

Lead your Malaysia country by example! Unfortunately: when no all but one of the ministers has a university degree, this example shouldn't down spiral the level of education for the next generation.

It is true that ignorance of the masses keep who is in power. Sad way of playing democracy……….

Wow you got guts! Happy to say, people are not coming back to this wretched land, having the government turn its back upon them. The last word, I heard of Bangsa Malaysia………..All they know is to talk, and then go on for the next NEP. Stupid!

Who in his sane mind to come back to a country which their lawful, taxpaying parents waste their tax on lazy people? Furthermore, the brainy-one will become the future feeder of lazy people and had his own children rights denied. Weird!

I am absolutely agree with you. Malaysia is strictly for those malay pig………..they are so stupid pig, yet the government want to aid them on their all those university places - 80% is reserved for higher education to these so called bumis (actually just the generation of the pirates originated from Indonesia).

Since the government doesn't appreciate us as talented person, then we shouldn't support this lame government anymore.

Remember! When the election comes the next time, please use your head to vote and not your emotion or your racial sentiment

A good government is one with good opposition - electing the opposition doesn't mean you against the ruling party or agree with the opposition.

There need to be balance, check and counter check. We cannot just depend on Mr Lim alone to fight!

I can relate to you in many ways. I have just found out that the best way to deal with bad things, is to turn a blind eye and ear to them. Ignore them, and they will leave you, soon enough. Allow them to spew their insults, it doesn't matter what they say anyway, it is us who are in control of our feelings and how we feel, not them.

I know you malays are pissed off too in your own way because you are too lazy and selfish to share. It is clear……….It is a hard thing to change from a lazy and selfish creature to a human. It is understandable.

If the word "democracy" has been followed properly according to the meaning, there will be no existing problems at all. Where is the freedom of speech on the Malaysia media? Why is there discrimination if people want to practice equal rights?

All of this issues leads to not democracy and racism! The word democracy is used to keep the happy image in the eye of other countries, so it won't effect the economy!

About the Polynesians person……….Yes, there were everywhere. Like Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, and etc. What you know? Polynesian originally from the Taiwan. Even malays are from Jawa. That makes them a native people from Polynesian island, but not natives of Malaysia.

I still believe that the people (Malaysians) are the ones who drive this country. Not corrupted politicians, racist cunts or other selfish groups. We could make changes. And changes we shall make for a brighter future. Peace out!

If you look around you, you'd see that some of our malays have distinctive Mongoloid features. Discrimination against races is disgusting, laws favoring our malays is an insult to us!

11:53 pm  

The path of evolution for UPM malay undergrads towards becoming PAS and Umno Youth members. Malaysia Boleh!

Mob rules Malaysia. Here in this stupid Bolehland you are not entitled to your own opinion. Everything must be from the government even sex. The government will need to know how productive you are in having sex!

Like father, like son, or like Umno Youth, like UPM students.

You can't blame these monkeys, after all they are only following in the footsteps of Umno Youth. Mark my words, no action will be taken against these monkeys. They have been brainwashed to be racists and that they are the superior race by their Hitler, the Umno.

Universities in Malaysia? Yes, to train one to be a hooligan! Yes, to train one to be racist. Yes, to train future Umno Youth! That is the meaning of universities in Malaysia.

Yes, to train one to follow the examples of present Umno leaders - either to be an Umno hooligan racist (as in Umno members of parliament) or to be "useless followers of elegant silence". Either way they are fine examples of the uses of public universities in Malaysia.

Sooner or later, Malaysia will become the Planet of the Apes. I am quite certain that many of these mobs will not be able to get any jobs after their graduation. But don't worry, the government will hire them and eventually they will become the leaders, ministers, who will run this country.

This whole chunk of malays are not (just) monkeys! They are the ill-bred barbarian coming deep from underground tunnel. I really have not seen such heinous behavior of university students in any part of the developing world.

They are putting their own family and race into great shame. And yet, what is the education minister doing? Keeping quiet over this racial attack! Just because they are the malays while the victims are the Chinese. Really feel shame of this country!

The keris waving minister of education from Umno will be very happy when he see the video recording and learn that many UPM malay students have picked up his intimidation tactics.

They have what it takes to be future Umno Youth leaders and members. Bravo Umno Youth - show more examples of how you can apply the law of the jungle in Bolehland.

There are many illogical things in life. The malay fascists folks don't like the Chinese. And yet it is the Chinese who is funding the structure of Ketuanan Melayu. Why?

The majority of tax money comes from the Chinese. If all Chinese move out from Malaysia, our economy will shrink by 80%. This means that we will be 80% poorer and all the free subsidies that malays enjoy will cease to exist. So basically the monkey in the orange shirt did not realise that his scholarship was 80% effectively funded by the Chinese guy parents.

But anyway, malays don't need to worry too long. Looking into the future, seeing how big China has become and our own irrelevance in the world economy. I just feel that one day the Malaysian Chinese will voluntarily move back to China because the country will become much richer than us.

We always laugh at the Indonesian immigrants who brave the sharks to come to our country. We may one day find ourselves in the same position at the shores of China.

I am just concerned that one day it will be our malay children turn who get bullied in the China, just like how we see in today. One of the scariest quality of God is that he is fair. I will continue to wish that God stay fair, so that malays can continue to bully and discriminate our Chinese brothers, with any repercussions in the future.

Watching the video is sad but reading these comments is sadder. What kind of mentality we have and what kind of society we live today? Mahathir, you have failed us miserably, your tear does not suffice, we want your blood. Pak Lah, you better do something fair and quick or resign, so another can rule wisely.

At this rate we are going with so much hatred among us, it is not fear of the country going down the drain but fear of the country breaking up. With a population of 23 million, can't we have a capable leader? Sigh……….

Our education system is a failure, this sort of thing should not be happening. Why can't we tolerate? Why create such a problem? Why can't problem being solved in a peaceful debate and talk? Why perform violence?

Ok, I am telling myself to face the reality - I am embarrassed of my own country, people cannot just live together, there are just some culprits who like to create problem, seeing there is a little too peaceful in this country. The racial problem will never be solved, not in the next 30 years, it is hopeless. That is it, end of talk.

11:55 pm  

Singapore is a Singaporean Singapore. Read Lee Kuan Yew book from the third world to first world, then one can realise that the so many issues considered taboo in this Malaysia country are the creation of the politicians, Umno politicians to be exact.

Obviously Singapore is unlucky to have a small land area which cannot even collect enough rain water for its own use. But modern technology allows Singapore to be independent of Malaysia and even in water supply.

With Singapore's success, no country should claim that multi-cultural and multi-religious citizens are a liability to the nation.

Politicians in Singapore are people who forgo larger earnings to serve the nations public officials. Here in Malaysia, politicians fight with all dirty means including poisoning the mindset of the people to get into positions to make national wealth serve their individual desires.

If Malaysia can be like Singapore, there would not be so many snatch thieves living on crimes. Malaysia cannot be like Singapore; but of course we can always say the grapes are sour.

11:58 pm  

Great comments everyone. Id ont need to say what I want to say here as it was words taken out of my mouth but then agian we can keep on typing and going on and on but why arnt we DOING something abt it.... ? or is it so bad we cant ? We cant even use our voters rights ? ..... Happy Holidays everyone

3:48 pm  

I love Aldo shoes too! Love them to bits!

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