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Sunday, September 03, 2006
You Can't Hurry Love

~ You Can't Hurry Love

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The one thing that you wish as a child is to grow up as quickly as you could. And when you are grown, you realise that you do not wish for time to pass you so swiftly.

It is the month of September and I seriously question myself what did I do in the last 8 months. What have I achieved? What impact did I make in this world? Where is my stamp?

I was in London exactly a year ago. I was pursuing a writer’s course and started to blog out of curiosity and as a writing practice. It all began with Nude Not Naked, with the little tantalizing relationship stories of a fictious mid 20s girl with the men that surrounded her life. Perhaps a confession of some sort. The writing practice grew a small number of faithful readers who read and wrote very personal emails to me, relating similar experiences.

Then grew the second blog, About Nude Not Naked – which is also the very blog that you are reading at the moment. This blog was developed as necessity to answer readers' queries and make announcements. Readers were not only curious about the heroine in Nude Not Naked, they were curious about who the writer was. So About Nude Not Naked dealt with the real me.

When I started to blog about myself, I did not know what to call myself. I knew I wanted to remain anonymous because you must admit, some of my stories are very personal and maybe not just the kind I want my workmates reading. So I took on the same name as my heroine in Nude Not Naked – Otto. This proved to be a rather short sighted solution because new readers were not able to differentiate between the fantasy storybook character and the real me.

One of the first few questions that readers ask is "So what's your REAL name?". And so, twelve months on, I am ready to tell you a little bit more about myself. I will start with my name. My real name is Love. Now do not laugh because I am not kidding you. My name is indeed Love. How ironic that I am writing mostly about the name my father gave me *smiles*

I shall be turning 31 years old in about 6 months. I am not too worried about my age, other than the usual worry. I work in an environment that I absolutely love. I believe what I do make a difference in the world. Yet at the same time, I crave for something greater. Isn’t life all about stretching ourselves to the best possible? I want to write and I determine in my heart to write at least one book in my lifetime.

Meanwhile to feed my penchant for Aldo shoes, I write short articles for a car magazine. A reader once requested for a snippet of my articles and then remarked, “You are the Paris Hilton for automobile enthusiasts”. Ah yes, I am earning small coins by writing girl-friendly car articles. In shorter words, I make cars relevant to girls. I relate them to fashion, to art and all things beautiful.

ANYWAY… back to the topic at hand...

Through the past year, I have received a good measure of emails from readers who stumbled upon my blog, who came to share about their stories and problems. Some asked for opinions and others just wanted to share their experiences. So I figured why not start a dilemma column as About Nude Not Naked’s first year anniversary approaches.

I was once very down and during the most difficult time in my life, I received no adequate help or necessary support. Looking back, I am sure that things would have been easier if I had more information and support to help me with my decisions. Here is a chance for me to maybe help one or two people who needs a helping hand and some empathy... Because I know how much difference a little nod can and understanding can do for people who feel tormented in their situations.

The objective is to answer (and discuss) questions about sex, love and relationship matters candidly. Ask-Miss-Love will be an open arena for people to share their experiences and perhaps find a solution. What I can promise is discretion and privacy. My readers can attest to that, I think. What I offer is honest replies to your questions ranging from “How many times do couples have sex on average?” to “Why do I still love him when he is so shitty?” and "Does size really matter?".

The whole column is dedicated to just answering questions, so shoot me with a couple. Remember to spread the LOVE around.

I would like to thank all my readers who had taken a journey of discovery with me. Thank you for twelve good months of learning. I would like to especially thank some of you who became such great companions. May all of us have more laughter than tears till we celebrate ANNN's second anniversary.

Much love,
Miss Love

Small Talk
"You Can't Hurry Love" is one of my favourite wake up songs. A very catchy tune and very wise words for all of us who are searching for love. Do check the original video by Diana Ross & The Supremes if you have the time. Well worth the extra click!

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I came to the party late but I'm staying for the long haul. Thanks for having us on your journey. :)

1:59 am  

I have had a good time trailing along your path.
May you hit no crossroads.

3:01 am  

hi otto, havent drop comments for awhile but anyway......doing the thelma now eh!?
Happy blog aniversary! btw, love is a beautiful name

7:48 am  

Interesting... :)

3:26 pm  

Oooh, now your secrets have been revealed! It's funny, really, that both of our blogs were kinda started for the same reasons. I pretty much started mine to keep readers updated on my fanfics and original written works, and like you, I adopted the name of the main character, 'Eliar Swiftfire' as my pseudonym.

Just that ultimately, I dumped the fantasy-style name for the more simple Great Swifty. Haha!

8:06 am  

Cars.... you write about cars! and compare them to fashion and girly things! BLASPHEMOUS!! if you told me straght away i would never have read your blog.

:) hehe just joking good going babe!

7:01 pm  

Revealing more and more about yourself here ey, Missy Love? Hehehe...

6:27 am  

been awhile since my last visit to Pork Land. shall make a trip down pretty soon.

glad i stumbled unto ms love (and somehow W at the magical fountain:P) when i hit my crossroads.


1:26 am  

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