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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Much Ado About Nothing
This is my routine every morning since arriving here at the beginning of June.

I get up when Alex does. Usually we give each other a morning kiss and then he slips out of bed to run the bath. He switches on the TV to BBC on his way out and when he doesn’t, I do so. He then comes back into the bedroom, flips the cosy duvet up and pull my legs until I am standing. We then tease each other and end up in the bathtub.

My readers, you are not too far away whenever I am in the bathtub. I think of you guys all the time. Specifically I think of what I want to write in ANNN. Sometimes I experiment with the bubbles, covering the censored bits with some and wondering if I could photograph that for the blog.

Alex and I scrub each other’s backs. Some days he washes my feet for me. Oh how I love foot rubs! He then gets out of the bath to shave while I twist and turn in the bath, like a mini dolphin. Once he gets out of the bathroom, it would be my turn at the sink.

There is the cling every morning. Oh yes, the cling is something that I do each day when he says goodbye before he goes to work. I literally cling to his body and give him a good squeeze. Although not said, I know Alex enjoys this moment very much. It makes anyone feels wanted, being squeezed and fussed each morning!

I sit at my work desk and start my day with emails from work, sorting out the emails from readers and checking the comments section. I usually have the TV on until past 10 a.m. The O.C. was running daily at 9:00 a.m. and I am a little embarrassed to admit to loving the show because of Mischa Barton and Cam Gigandet. Cam who? Cam is the guy who plays “Kevin Volchok”. He is the nasty surfer dude who shagged Mischa and caused her to die. Opps, was it a spoiler?

When my tummy rumbles, I run to the kitchen and put some stuff onto the George Foreman Grill. By definition, “some” usually means two sausages, two slices of bacon, the occasional potato waffle and/or fried egg, mushroom & cheese. I down everything with a glass of Vitamin C and the most delicious coffee.

Alex breezes through the door during lunchtime. We normally cook, chat and have lunch. Then we pig on ice creams for deserts. Sometimes we find ourselves in the garden but we are currently too lazy to weed the border. I get back to work when Alex goes back to work.

Occasionally I have the pleasure of Mr. Ooi’s company. I lost Ian to the gym because he is a vain boy. Sometimes I chat with Kuzco and YC when she is not too busy. In the past two days, she has successfully tempted me to part with some dough in exchange for some drama mama dresses. That girl can sew, I am telling you.

Alex and I drive to Tesco and Sainsbury when we face a dinnertime crisis. Usually it means we ran out of vegetables or eggs. Sometimes it is the mushrooms. We love mushrooms. After dinner, we jump about the leather sofa. It is the best investment we have made this year! I adore the sofa to bits and if we ever move back to Malaysia, I am sure to cart that sofa with me.

When I am able to steal the control away from the Hairy Boy, I watch girlie shows. Like X Factor. I love The X Factor. I love Simon Cowell. Sharon Osbourne has the most maternal instinct, which surprises me just as much. This is the only reality TV that I have successfully caught a few episodes of. It reminds us how some people are so delusional. It is one thing to be confident and another to be unrealistic.

I google for topics that pop up in my head between the sofa fights, foot rubs, talks about the new sleeping bag Alex acquired and chasing each other around the house. For example, I read about The O.C. just before writing this post. I was checking out how delicious Kevin Volchok was. Did you see that body of his? It’s a OMG.

And that’s the life of Little Miss Love when she is not wearing her high heels around London. I think I might just run into London tomorrow if the weather’s nice. Any dashing looking guy out in London kind enough to take Little Miss Love out for a drink?



Should definitely go to London. All this time I don't think I've seen you put up pics of London yet. And yeah get some fetish pics for us, you know ... photos of your feet in lovely heels on a dirty sidewalk. :D Woohoo!

1:50 am  

Must you tell everyone that I'm vain? Haha.

I'm still stuck at the first five episodes of the OC season 3. For now, I'm not really liking that Kevin Volchok character...

And yeah take some photos in London...

5:44 am  

nice to see the bond between you and alex.
take some pics of yourself-lah!?

and yes, Kevin Volchok's bod is OMG.=p


6:00 am  

part cash? where got?

*raise eyebrow*

10:30 am  

I've been to London so many times that its novelty has worn off... Plus I am usually there alone, so looks weird taking a photo of my feet in lovely heels on a dirty sidewalk.... HAHAHAHAHA... But I am a very obliging girl, as you are well acquainted with, so I will look into my bag of magic *smiles*

Darling, both you and I know that my blog is not read by EVERYONE. Maybe 5 readers lah, that's you, me, YC, Mooiness and the occasional Daphne.

*slurp slurp*

Patient lah, sister. I am STILL in London what... but I have stashed some cash in an envelope and marked it "Drama Mama"... so the vodka & ribena is definitely coming up... and oh, ok - I promised porky bits as well. MUAH!

10:37 am  

not occasional.
since reading your blog i've been checking it everyday *wink*

hot guys rock.
=p but they're potential heartbreakers too -.-"

12:14 pm  

Check out how shadow falls between the tight tight muscles... and that hip bone and flat stomach..... OMG!

Not occasional, huh? Then welcome to our club! Haha

12:17 pm  

How curious is that? Just yesterday, I finished subbing a new BBC movie of the same name as the title for this blog entry.

6:55 pm  

Jom London this weekend. I help you take peekchures :)

11:39 pm  

lol heyyy.
I'll def want a guy like that y'know.Burns me (too hot,you see [lame i know -.-"]).

these buncha people are to die for.
Malaysia lacks these buncha dudes.

5:49 am  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:17 am  

Yaha, Cam Gigandet is hotstuff! Bad boy roughness too. Sad that he let Marissa get to him, though I'm still on the fence on how I feel aobut Marissa. Ah, such a TV junkie! :(

I've been reading your blog also everyday lah. You're in my bookmarked favourites. ;) So yeah, a lot of people know Ian's vain lah. Hahaha :P kidding yeah. (Cuz I'm sure there are lots that don't comment also...)

Nice everyday routine. Reckon it's very productive. :) Am envious. Fall should be around the corner yeah?

(P.S: Sorry about the deleted entry, needed to edit)

11:23 am  

Lost In Translation
The title might be familar because it is the name of a famous Shakespeare play. Where have you been? You've been rather quiet! Hope all is ok for you!

Museum + Four Seasons = Perfect date tomorrow ok?

I was thinking of some oriental dudes to add to the list (in case some smart reader start commenting that I don't like chinese boys). So here is the list of cute oriental guys:

1. Tony Ja (the guy from Ombak)
2. The Korean guy in Lost.

I think oriental men have to have a more matured look in order to look good. Somehow the young boy look don't sit well with me (eg: those pop singers lah)

OMG! Something just flashed thru my mind. Daniel WU, I love you. If you read this blog, please contact me. I will be your slave forever and ever.

Damn, so everyone knows that Ian's a little vainpot, is it? Hehehe... I think he rather the name "healthy" =)

I am returning home in less than 3 weeks time. Got lots to do for my business, renovating and relocating etc.

11:34 am  


aiyah, screw the smart singers la.
I dig rather tanned,muscular,tall (at least taller than me =s)guys.

or guys like Snoop Dogg.
wahahaha I know it's weird of me but I just love that attitude of his.

ok enough teenage rambling >.<

2:10 pm  

Yes, I know. The program I subtitled is a modern day BBC One adaptation of the play. Instead of Hero and Claudio, the lovers are called Hero(Billie Piper) and Claude(Tom Ellis). All in all, good stuff. :)

I've been fine, but busy with work. Rushing the last of my freelance commitments before I begin my new job. I still come by from time to time. By the way, I liked the article you wrote in the car magazine. Funky looking car too. Till next time.


12:15 pm  

I can't decide whether I fancy Snoop Dogg or not... he's just so weird and he really looks dirty and LIKE A DOG, yo!

I like Pharrel... Mmmmm the best comes in tiny packages *winks*

Hey! You read my article! You are the first person to spot the article =)

Phew! Glad that you liked it. My first attempt and quite nervous how it looked in the mag.

You freelance? Shall I take it that you are a writer? or a photographer or a combination of both? Do fill me in.

11:43 am  

There's a funny story to that. A friend and I were heading to play a game of futsal when we thought we'd drop by the XYZ car showroom. Then he remembered a post you on your blog (he's been hooked to your blog ever since I introduced him to it) about the magazine so he asked the salesperson if they had the magazine. They did, and we were given a free copy. Flipping through, it was easy to spot the article written by someone who's artistically inclined but knows little about cars per se. It was a very impressive first article.

It's difficult for me to pigeonhole my freelance work. A jack of all trades, master of none.

12:54 pm  

Too many freelance to have a collective name, eh? Whatever you might be, I am sure that you are in the "know" about the magazine... which surprises me in a plesant sort of way :)

1:36 pm  

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