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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
An Afternoon of Love
The weather was too beautiful to sit at my work table to write a post, so I got dressed and headed for London after lunchtime. With perfect temperature and sunny skies, Nic and I seized the opportunity to explore Carnaby Street. I am unsure if I have mentioned this in ANNN but I have a deep infactuation with fashion and here on Carnaby Street, the Biba girls and miniskirts found their humble beginnings in what was considered the fashion Mecca of the 60s.

Perhaps it was a Monday or perhaps I had too high expectations of the street. But I suspect that commercialism has eaten the street. I do not feel the vibes that the street was famous for. What a total letdown. The only upside was I walked around the streets thinking how much YC might have fancied this place for its punk and mod roots. Or perhaps like me, she might have fancied it more if it was in its 60s glory.

After walking up and down and round and round the whole of Soho, Nic and I found ourselves in Cafe Hong Kong, where the waitress was the rudest in the world but we put up with her sour face because the Ying Yang Iced Tea is so out of this world! Being the smartass that I am, I called for the bill before Ms. Sour Face Waitress could shove it to my face (like she did on Saturday afternoon). With fried hor fun and spring rolls swirling in my tummy, Nic and I walked to Piccadilly Circus...

... where Miss Love sat at the foot of Eros, the goddess of love...

Nic busied himself with photography and being the friendly person that I am, I joined in. I ended up with lots of useless photographs...

These signboards must be photographed thousands of times each day.

Piccadilly, where you will find the real thing...

The place's so packed that it's near impossible to get a photo
without any other person in the photo.

We had to walk more to burn the excess energy. So we walked a little bit more and ended up in a very familiar place - Trafalgar Square.

On the column, it says "England expects every man to do his duty".
I would like to see the day when a statue says
"Otto expects every man to do his duty" *cheeky grin*

... where I slipped and fell trying to climb the plinth of Nelson's Column. My sneakers are not designed for climbing. Thankfully I did not fall on my cute bottom and Nic did not manage to photograph the moment. How unsexy would that be?!

There was some kind of ceremony earlier in the afternoon to commemorate the September the 11th bombing five years ago. There were not many pigeons and I remember feeling quite pleased about it. Perhaps the Mayor of London shoo-ed all the boo boo pigeons away as a precautionary measure against the bird flu that seems to be migrating north.

As the sun set, I ran into Charing Cross and hopped onto my train back home while Nic disappeared underneath the labyrinth of tubes. And here I am sitting at my work table at 11:30 p.m. writing this post for the second time, feeling quite happy with how the day went. I think I am happy today. What do you think?

Small Talk
It is less than 2 weeks before I fly back to Malaysia. I have been having vivid dreams and nightmares for the past week or so. Not sleeping well at all. I shall be away for the next few days, accompanying Alex on a business trip in Bath. The city is beautiful, so I shall play tourist there. And maybe I will write you a little something when I am not soaking in a Roman bath......



The photo where the sun is setting is beautiful. Love it.

And what, no high heels? :P

1:56 am  

Oh yeah... The date's nearing ever so sneakily... Two weeks left now...

4:16 am  

Alright! I'll do the countdown to your homecoming....

4:53 am  

Love Piccadily Circus, the lights there just reminded me of Asia too bad I was there in the summer.. no lights except the sun light.

6:26 am  


9:42 am  

don't forget the pubs & clubs in bath!!!!!! they're the best kep secret of Bath.


1:35 am  

Should I say, Welcome back to Malaysia?

8:34 am  

Definitely a beautiful day...

And I am back, from all the stressed over the last few weeks.... read the previous few posts in 1 go....


4:30 pm  

will you be blogging soon?i have no life!!

9:21 am  

Ah am glad that you find one of the photos quite lovely. I am not too sure about photography, don't think I am good at it.

As for the high heels, it always pays to be patient.......

Thank you for reminding me again.

I've been countdown-ing since Sept 1st.... am not too fond of the thought of not having Alex around fussing over me :(

Where are you based? I thought the lights went on everyday immaterial of the season?

Not every day is like today =) had pleasant company and good food! Mmmm...

The best kept secret in Bath happens to The Eastern Eye, an Indian restaurant on Quiet Street. Absolutely beautiful ambience and delicious food!!!!

Yeah, welcome back to Msia soon enough... I am going to eat to my heart's content! Bak kut teh, here I come......

I was just beginning to wonder where you have gone!! Good to knw that you are doing well and that you are back on top form!

Oh I feel loved! I am back... will write something for Monday morning... immediately after watching a Sunday movie with Alex =) love to all *muaks*

1:00 pm  

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