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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Bath's Best Kept Secret
Bath has this tiny little secret, neatly tucked on Quiet Street. It is a precious little gem stone, in the most unlikely place. Alex remarked that we had to visit it on my first evening walk with him. The door of the restaurant boasted lots of stuff (Top 100 Curries in Britain, Top 5 Curry in Whatsonot etc etc) and you know what? They were being modest!

Located on the first floor of the building, the doors opened up to a beautiful room with three domes. Well laid and pretty compared to some curry houses, which must have been quite a feat to achieve considering how most Indian and Chinese Restaurants aim to be at their most cliche and ugliest, if the combination was possible.

The service was excellent (unlike Miss Sour Face from Cafe Hong Kong in Leicester Square). All the men were courteous and smiling. Service was prompt. The food? The food is as they have described themselves to be. One of the best curries that I have tasted in my life. I was so pleased with it that I went back for their lunch time special the following day, all on my own! £6.99 per head for a starter (I chose onion bhaji), a maincourse (lamb mon pasand) and a choice of either Coke or coffee.

I can tell you this. Men react differently when there are other men around you. It does not matter if it is your close male friend, your MiniBoyFriends or your work colleague. Men just behave differently when you are on your own and when you have the company of another man. The same goes for the waiters, who were more friendly and the service rendered was even more prompt than the night before. They would communicate more, maybe because they pity me sitting alone for lunch? This time I had Lamb Mon Pasand and it was utterly delicious. I had my laptop to keep me company while waiting for my lunch to arrive.

I took one last walk around the small streets of Bath and here are some photos to share. Alas there are no bikini pics to share as I turned down Alex's offer to treat me to a nice spa. Sometimes the best spas are those you have with your girlfriends.... and when they are not around, even the most luxurious would make you feel poor.

The best thing about Britain?
Christmas starts in September!!!

The center attraction is the Bath Abbey.

Found this river while walking through the back streets of Hilton.

What we need most in Malaysia as part of our tourist attractions.

Took this photo because of the tactile feel of the building's surface.

If you are ever in Bath, do visit The Eastern Eye at 8A Quiet Street. You will not regret the trip.

Small Talk
One more week to About Nude Not Naked's first anniversary. We are gonna launch Ask Miss Love, an advice column on the 24th September with the first dilemma of the day.

Having a problem?
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