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Monday, August 14, 2006
You Are Beautiful

On the third morning the man said:

You are beautiful but your beauty is fake.
You wear a smile daily when your heart really aches.
Your scent reminds me of pure Heaven but your soul is rotting in hell.
You are lost in the sea of grief and silently you cry for help.

Men are charmed and they are deceived.
Such a beautiful flower, so ripe to pick.
What men failed to see are your tears each night.
What they did not know are the demons you fight.

Honey locks and a smile so pained.
Your bronze skin, seducing a thousand men.
Two thousand would fall for your allure.
Three thousand more for your face so pure.

A long time ago you were full of life.
Your heart was willing and your eyes were light.
Now your lips are sweet but your heart is bitter.
You are doomed for eternity in an angry winter.

Count your fears each night, one two and three.
Count your blessings each day, for your soul to be free.
Your eyes are glazed and your spirit is broken.
What are you do to now when your fears are woken.

So pure your face, a thousand secrets it holds.
Of torment and heartaches, of sorrows a million folds.
Each night wrestling demons, you get no sleep.
Each morning your face shines like an angel's but your soul,
O how your soul weeps.

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hmmm... reminds me of a girl i'm in love with...

1:51 pm  

missy, you wrote abt me?

6:23 pm  

Do you think that men are naturally attracted to girls that are broken, in one way or another?

Missy, I wrote about you and me and every other girl who has felt pain T.T

9:14 am  


12:43 pm  

Some men naturally gravitate to birds with broken wings after all!


2:05 pm  

Yeah...i do agree with the men attracted to broken girls theory....

Nice poem... but scary photo (because of the eyebrow)....

5:25 pm  

*pat pat*

You are right. I think men are naturally attracted to brokeness. Perhaps they feel that they are able to heal the pain. Don't know if that's a man's ego speaking but I would like to think that it's human nature.

That's not my eye brow!! That's Alex's jawline! I was resting on his shoulders, my face hidden behind his.

I don't have such bushy brows.......

7:34 pm  

yeah.. i think men are attracted to broken girls. don't know why though.
as for my case, i think its because i know what a great girl she is and i can't stand seeing her facing this alone.. huhu..

7:16 am  

The knight in shiny armour syndrome =)

9:19 am  

Absolutely beautiful.

two words that sum up the whole poem. There is quite an allure to the whole 'Broken Wings' Theory. But apparently there's also people who are put off by the 'damaged goods' saying. Whatever it is, I guess it is indeed as beautiful as it is because truth is found within the pain... and that truth, is beautifully painful.

12:38 pm  

Been there, done that..

Guys (& girls) have to realize that they can't hope to "heal" someone who's been hurt, UNLESS they want to be healed.

It's like the character of Robin William's wife in hell, in "What Dreams May Come".

The problem with "hurt" people (girls & guys), they somehow get used to the idea that the other person is only attracted to them because of the mentioned "shining knight" appeal. So deep inside.. they don't want to get better. In case the other person goes away. Vicious circle.

Yeah, I steer clear of people with too much baggage, unless they show that they want to change. I suggest everyone does so also. Everyone will be happier that way. Trust a 29 year old guy going on 30. :) Or should it be :(

2:32 pm  

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