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Thursday, August 10, 2006
YC Rode A Tricycle

Confirm I definitely been blogging/dreaming/writing too much.

I am up at 5 a.m. to fetch Kat to Stansted again. She’s off to buy another load of violins and I am half awake, trying not to fall asleep again. Alex was extra loving this time around, so much so I thought I could make him feel guilty/worried enough to drive Kat to the airport. Tough luck. I am driving Kat on my own.

I had the weirdest dream moments before waking up at 5 a.m. I was browsing through a book, a very special book. It was a collection of featured blogs, all graphically beautiful, showcasing the various people in the blogsphere. What I was quite fixated was a photograph of YC and a guy called Merv. They were riding a tricycle.

The dream felt like an LSD trip. Never had any but am absolutely sure, if it would be such as last night’s. I mean, YC wearing black knee length socks, jet black hair hair (ala Emily Strange), sitting on a tricycle with a guy named Merv?! There were swirls of colours and flashes here and there. Damn psychedelic the whole experience.

Confirm blogging too much and watching too many Studio Ghibli movies.

Community Service Announcement
Children, please do not use the word “tiu”. It’s very derogatory. Use “fuck” instead as it is a very versatile word, if you must swear.

Psssst YC, do you actually have a friend named Merv? If confirmed friend named Merv, I am running to the TOTO shop asap!

It turns out that all major airports in England is closed down for the moment. No wonder it took me more than 2 hours to drive Kat to the airport! Apparently there is great risk of a "murder of mass proportion" and the government is taking active steps to curb the chances of this happening. Switch on to BBC and watch it.



TIULOH!!! Someone seems to be very obsessed with YC... hehehhe!

2:24 pm  


Me on tricycle?!??

Did you eat the wrong kind of mushroom for supper?

12:34 pm  

Eh not as obsessed as somebody I know wor...

BTW I dreamt of you long before I dreamt of YC... does that mean I am obsessed with you too? *winks*

As a matter of fact, Alex was asking if it was possible to overdose on mushrooms. Kat, being vegetarian, has been cooking a strom in the kitchen with loads of mushrooms....

So TOTO shop or not?

2:18 pm  

HAR?! You dreamt of me?!!! What was I doing in there? Juggling on a unicycle?!!

5:20 pm  

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