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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Wise Words

A man’s best friend is a dog
and a woman’s worst enemy is a bitch.

Fluffy white feathers floating in the pristine white bedroom. Dressed in nothing but sexy knickers, two girls are having a pillow fight. In slow motion, of course. That’s what men imagine women are doing behind closed doors when the boys are at their Sunday golf sessions.

Men’s sexual fantasies often do not present itself in reality. That’s why they are called fantasies, you see. And in this particular reality bite, women might still be pillow fighting in virgin white knickers but it would not be as innocent as the fantasy. Reality has women fighting and aiming at the jugular veins of their opponents.

Have you wondered if we, womenfolk are doing ourselves a disservice. We often cry for more freedom and equality but often time, the fastest tongue to wage a war against another woman is actually a woman’s. Our eyes have homing devices and we home onto the next girl to walk into a room, sizing her up in three seconds flat. Guys, if you don’t believe me, just check how fast your female friends run their eyes up and down another woman introduced into the group.

Why are women so competitive with each other? Is this trait inborn or learnt? I have been thinking about this issue through the weekend and after 48 hours, I still do not have an answer.

Putting more than two women in a room together and there will be tension. Soon they'll find their bathroom support buddies and equally they will be at each other's throats. You will never see a room full of men do the same. Never ever! Put ten men in a room together and you'll have them slapping each other's backs, measuring their wee penises.

What is wrong with us women?

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So R U Alex's best friend then?

In response to your last Q, I think your readers who are Aerosmith fans would say: Don't waste so much time thinking about it. Women in general are F.I.N.E


11:59 am  

Anonymous 11:59 a.m.
Hmmmmmm I suspect there is some malice in your words there...... Oh hell, I am so thick skin, I shall entertain your comments.

No, I am not Alex's best friend. I don't think Alex fucks his best friend, you see... *flips hair and blinks eyes*

With so much dirt coming out of your mouth, I suspect you are a woman's worst enemy, thus proving my point about a woman's arch enemy often is another woman....

And if you are a man, oh boy....

1:30 pm  

just check how fast your female friends run their eyes up and down another woman introduced into the group.

Yes, i have to agree on that. But not all of them do that though. There are also some guys who do it, like this fellow who looked at me from my shoes to my hair when we met for the first time!

4:24 pm  

There was this girl I met once during Swedish lessons. She dart her eyes up and down me when we first met and I felt that was rude. Then it turned out that she did that to everyone... and that was her habit. Perhaps cultural or something.. I am not sure.

Most girls do form their own judgements on another girl coming into their 'territory'. Whether she has a pretty face, whether she looked older than her age, whether she was kind/sweet/smart etc. All girls do it almost instinctively and some of them without realizing the competion streak.

I was ashamed when I first watched The Apprentice. Early in the reality show, teams are divided into male vs female. Most men in all seasons got along rather fine, being able to relax and laugh whereas women in the show were drowing in their little dramas and emotional crisises. How much confrontation between the girls and how much bitching etc.

You see a repeat of the same feat when you watch some other reality TV like Joe Average etc, where a group of girls had to vie for the attention of a single man in the room. Within an episode, you'll have the female contestants talking behind each other's backs.

But a reverse of the sexes, whereby a group of men have to win the attention of one specific female while living under the same roof, you will find the boys having fun playing pool, swimming etc.

Is it just the sexes thing? Or do we women really have a problem?

4:37 pm  

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