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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The NEC Flower Show

Our little display in the flower show in NEC.
Actually it was not little. It took me more than 2 days to stuff newspaper
and bark between the flower pots, so it looks like a garden!

The very elegent orchid, in the most seductive colour.

From my garden

Alex liked space alien looking plants, like Monkey's Pitchers and the Venus Flytrap.
I bought Alex this banana plant from Yunnan, China. Makes Alex almost normal.

Thalictrum, standing close to 6 feet tall in my garden.
The stems are about the size of my pinkie finger.

A very sexy flower with a very glamourous name - Harlow's Car.

Do you like my Harlow's Car?

Plants are funny here in the UK. They are not like in Malaysia, where you plant a baby tree in the morning and it becomes uncontroble the next few weeks! When my family moved into their house, they bought an instant garden, which included full grown palms and budding flowers.

Here growing flowers and trees require patience. It taught me that much. You plant a flower this year and more often than not, you only see the flower 12 months later. Like my pom pom.

The garden last year.

Like all these flowers in my garden, which were baby plants less than a foot tall last summer. And now look! Look at my pretty little green patch! All tall and blooming.

It is the most magical feeling. Plants die down for winter and if they are perennials, they sleep during winter. With birds heralding spring in March, these flowers will wake up and spring back to life! How cool is that?



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