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Sunday, June 25, 2006
I Am Moving To Canada

Small Talk
What did I say about those dogs that just won't let go? Apparently IT2M loves me so much that they have dedicated a post entirely to me. I do not care what jackshit they write on their site but I will not tolerate them shitting over here on my blog. I have been banned from commenting on their site, which leaves me unable to clarify some of the misconceptions they or their readers have added. Hence I do not see any reason why any of their bitches should be allowed to speak here.

I have taken the initiative to change the layout and design, fix the pop up window (as commented by the IT2M team). Does it not show that I have taken their suggestions to heart? Equally they in return, have taken heed of my suggestion to include a legend detailing their smacks etc. How they did not think about it is beyond me. And of course, they've invited Charles to be their Asian consultant.

I will no longer mention them, beyond the three posts I wrote about them. As far as I am concerned, I have moved on more than 4 days ago and I suggest that they do so too.

There was a time when Friday was bliss. It meant that E and I greedily stuffed our faces with pasta and cornbeef during lunch break. Then we went shopping for something to wear for clubbing later that night. We had grand Friday dinner at 8 p.m. then drank our way to a hangover the next morning. We hopped from one place to another, danced, flirted, counted all the complimentary drinks and laughed. Then I went to AB's after supper at 4 a.m.

Last Friday, I sat in the bedroom with my hair in a ponytail, dressed in frumpy clothes and house slippers (which is a pair of suede ballet pumps from Aldo). I felt like a houswife, having a bad day when a red pair of knickers somehow got washed with a whole load of whites. It felt absolutely dramatic, you see.

"Ciku," Alex called 5 seconds after the door opened. It was 5 p.m. and I was folding clothes to be kept away. I brought only one huge box and three bags, so I do not understand why my clothes seem never ending. We bought three stacks of new hangers the day before because I was still hanging clothes 3 weeks after arriving here. "What are you doing?" his voice trailed from the hallway.

He came into the bedroom, gave me a cuddle. When it did not create the response that he had expected, he tried to tickle my ribcage. All I felt was my fat rolling about.

"I am depressed. Stop it," I said.

Alex stuck out his tongue and showed me how nimble it was.

"Seriously. Stop it or I will have to kill you," I said, then putting another pair of trousers into the cupboard. I promised myself not to overspend but that was the third pair of the very same trousers. It started with a dark blue pair, which I really liked. So I got it in grey and two days later in dark brown. I was wondering why on heaven's name did I get three pairs of THE SAME TROUSERS. It made absolute sense when I bought them but it did not make sense when I had to hang them in the cupboard...

"Get dress, we'll go to Bluewater. I'll wait downstairs." He stopped teasing me and walked out of the room.

"But I don't feel like it, babs," I moaned.

"I am waiting. Tick tock, tick tock,"

Got dressed and headed into the car. He was already sitting in the car with the engine running. We were going to Bluewater to buy me all the things that I needed but did not have access to for the pass three weeks. No wonder I felt like I was living in a dumpster.

Alex and I on our way to Bluewater

Here is a small snipet of the conversation Alex and I had as we were on our way.

  • Alex: We are moving to Canada.

  • Otto: Why?

  • Alex: Global warming. We are going to escape it.

  • Otto: Eh? So what are we supposed to do?

  • Alex: Work. You need to get a job. Save all the money and invest in pieces of land in CAAA-NAAA-DAAA.

*a few seconds of silence, then...*

  • Alex: We should start immediately before land prices rise.

  • Otto: When is this global warming?

  • Alex: In the next 100 years.

  • Otto: But we would be dead in a 100 years!

  • Alex: But our genes - mini versions of you and mini versions of me - will be alive! And we have to plan for them.

  • Otto: Can I put this in my blog?

*proceeds to take out notepad from bag and scribbles*

  • Alex: You cannot! Prices of land would rise in Canada because everyone would be buying there... Make up another place...... Say, Russia.

  • Otto: You think my readers would think that you are crazy?

  • Alex: I AM NOT crazy! I am a visionary. Crazy people are wrong and visionaries are right!

  • Otto: Right.

  • Alex: And I am right, so I am a visionary.

  • Otto: You are talking too fast. I can't copy on time, Mr. Always Right.

  • Alex: That's right, babs. I am always right. My wisdom is priceless... Now remember that you can't blog about this!

Being with Alex makes me look so normal.

Small Talk
I like men who have a way with their words.

p/s: I wrote this post to show how entertaining Alex can be... and perhaps why I love him. Do not take this conversation seriously. I am not moving to Canada. Who on earth is going to move to Canada because of a global warming happening ONE HUNDRED YEARS TIME? *hehehehe*



Hahaha....Alex is humourous guy.... But the few photos you took of him made him look garang.... try taking one when he's smiling....hehehe....

12:10 pm  

Alex is indeed very endearing and humorous... That's why I can't seem to get rid of him =)

I'll see what I can do about a smiling photo of Alex.

12:23 pm  

Eh? Way with words? I thought that was a bit mundane of a post today. No one bothers to read disclaimers and policies unless they want to break them. :)

5:00 pm  

nice blog.. keep up your good work

5:01 am  

It's so sweet how he humoured you knowing you were in need of some cheering up.

I've always looked for humour in a man ;)

And yar, thats a very nice photo of him hehee, and of you too! No more blured bits. England weather seems to be coming along fine, looks like. :)

7:00 pm  

Wait till they click on all your links..... some of those pieces are classic. I do not ever see myself having words like yourself.

Thank you =)

Weather's fine. Alex refuses to smile in photos and I can't seem to get enough of his brand of humor... wait till I tell you about his version of heaven....... HAHAHAHHA...

8:21 am  

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