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Sunday, January 08, 2006
It's The New Year's And We Can Cry If We Want To

At midnight, the boys lit a whole box full of fireworks (sourced through a friend of a friend of our favourite pirated VCD Ah Beng) ushering the New Year. All emotional, everyone gathered and gave each other warm hugs and greetings for the coming year. I spoke to Alex on the mobile while the crazy people started dancing the Gay Gordon. Two by two, hand in hand, them crazies skipped and hopped in a row by the pool.

It used to be the latest dance and house music, booming my ears deaf at New Year’s Eve and counting down with friends with mixes of cocktails and beers. And for 2005, it was a quiet affair, where Scottish tunes welcomed the New Year.

Who would have thought? Little Miss Otto all grown up. Finally.

The party could not get any better than it did. The weather through the evening was perfect (though it drizzled a little at 10 p.m.). Everyone started arriving for the casual buffet dinner at 8 p.m. and everyone was certainly in a good mood by the time I arrived at 10 p.m. Dressed in a tiny black blouse and Levi’s Super Low Cuts, I was with my group of friends, mingling, drinking and chatting till the countdown at midnight. And the fireworks were just beautiful, lighting the skies above with a parade of colours.

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you are too charitable :p

6:50 am  


I think it is a case of I treasure my life much more than those girls. Everyone feels invincible in their youth. Even blur me did. And they think they can get away with a lot of things.

Perhaps I would have pushed her back if I were 20 too. Then again, I never did do such things because I've had a boring youth *hahaha*

You think a visit from my lawyer will wake her up to the responsiblities of being an adult?

Damn, I am old =p

12:26 am all sounds oh-so-familiar.

4:45 pm  

YC: I was wondering what you meant by "oh so familiar".... Checked your blog and found no similar stories... I only realised that you might have refered to some other "big across the causeway" saga which unfolded itself in my absence.

Am I right?

9:37 pm  

Few yrs back some kiddo Boo ditched me for harrassed me the same way.

Kids will be kids.

5:00 pm  

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