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Thursday, May 29, 2008
Happiness Is
Working till lunchtime, then meeting up with the girls. Driving up and down through all the shops, big and small. Window-shopping and dreaming of all the furniture for a place you would call your very own. Exchanging notes, prices and latest conquests with some girlfriends in a tiny cafe.

Oozing with charm, you negotiate the prices for your beloved treasures. What glee you feel deep in your heart, for you will lay your head to rest in your own home in a few more heartbeats...

The Conquests

The dazzle of hundreds of crystals laced with aluminium thread, shaped in a snowball. Hung low on the coffee table, which I have not found.

Pure white glass blown dainty chandelier. The only feminine and whimsical piece in the whole house. Very Alice in Wonderland.

Stainless steel light in a beehive shape, sitting on the center kitchen island.

The biggest and most comfortable sofa that my pockets could afford, in white with down feathers filling.

Dining table in eclipsed shaped tampered glass top and stainless steel circular leg. I am looking to pair the table with funkier chairs (or at least happier).

Sunny yellow bedroom curtains to match my existing dark mahogany MacIntosh inspired bed and dresser.

Living and Dining room curtain against a milky white wall.

Sample of roman blinds for the windows in the kitchen area.


Such is happiness in life.