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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love requires courage. Courage to merge and be one with someone not you. Courage to take care of someone's heart more than yours. Courage to continue loving in times of extreme difficulties. It is easy to love someone when times are good and the sun shining everyday. The true account of love manifests itself in the darkest nights along the looming clouds of troubles. It is at this point that you will find true love. Or not.

There is something magical about darkness. We all instinctively fear darkness because of the uncertainty of daylight. What we must remember is there is always light at the end of the darkest night. And without the darkness, we seldom appreciate light. In these dark moments, we stand to be tested - to see if our love is pure. Those who still stand together when day breaks, now those are the ones who love. And for us to stand at daybreak, we must have courage.

Love. Courage. Faith. These are all emotions. So are jealousy, anger and fear. The lines between the emotions are very thin and if you are careless in your love, you will cross them too easily. There is no right or wrong emotions. Emotions in themselves are neutral. You can love someone and yet feel extreme jealousy and possession. When you lack courage, you will have anger and when you have faith, you will not fear. But more often than not, all the emotions will float in your heart like little boats in the vast ocean.

I am still a student of life and I am still learning about love - when to love and when to hate, faith in the love we share, courage to have faith and wisdom to guard my heart.



I have always been a silent reader on your blog. I like the way you describe love in this post. I'm currently going through a rough patch with my girlfriend. It doesn't help that we're doing LDR right now as well.

You are right when you say that "the true account of love manifests itself in the darkest nights along the looming clouds of troubles." My cousin once said in her speech for her brother's wedding that "Love is not always 100%. Sometimes you wake up giving 90% while your partner gives only 10%. Sometimes you wake up giving only 10% while your partner gives 90%."

My faith and hope is renewed a little when I read what you write. It reminded me of what my cousin said as well in her speech. So I thank you for this wonderful post, and I hope you will find the answers you are looking for. I hope I do as well.

5:41 pm  

Hi Ted,

Thank you for writing. I hope that you will find peace in your love journey and that it will find its way soon. LDR is not the easiest form of relationships to maintain.

I should write more and perhaps I will after what you had shared. Lots of things have happened in my life since I started writing in 2006.

Much love,

12:13 pm  

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