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Thursday, August 30, 2007
And Now You Knows

I wonder if you are like me. I wondered who accompanied Tunku Abdul Rahman to London to seek for Malaya's Independence in 1956. Always and always, all descriptions of Abdul Rahman's journey to London mentions him and a "delegation". For example, "In 1954 Abdul Rahman led a delegation to London to seek independence for Malaya" (click here for source). But who really were a part of the delegation?

So I googled and searched for the names of all people who were part of the delegation. Almost everywhere mentions "Tunku and his delegation" but fails to mention who specifically formed the delegation. It troubled me that somehow the information on who were present at the meeting is missing. Or lost. Or in the process of being lost.

Personally I believe that history varies from one source to another, depending on the convenience of the information. It can be altered to suit the interest of whoever was in power at the time. You just need to omit the information from the secondary school text books for 10 years and everything that you should know, would be long forgotten. And in 50 years time, no one would have remembered the true account of what happened.


In the spirit of Merdeka, I have dedicated today to Malaysia. I was busy reading some historical articles and biographies of influential personalities and somehow decided to find out who were the delegation.

Thankfully my fears were unwarranted. Phew, they were merely the creation of my highly imaginative mind. I found the answer in only one article from The News Straits Times.

The delegation, which also included (Tun) Abdul Razak Hussein, (Tun) Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, (Tun) H.S. Lee, (Tan Sri) T.H. Tan and (Tan Sri) Abdul Kadir Shamsudin, had left for London by boat from Singapore on Jan 1,1956.

And now you knows...

It is important to note the people involved on that faithful day. Obviously Tunku's contributions were enormous but his contribution was not the only one. His was highlighted more often than the rest since he is Bapa Malaysia. There were other people who worked hard, toiled, believed with great passion and were alongside Tunku Abdul Rahman.

And now I will have to read about these people who were part of the delegation as I do not know much about them.


Another interesting article. Oh forgive me if this post is a little off. I mean, it's more candid than my usual ones. It is afterall, the eve of our 50th year, so I can blabber on about Malaysia and Merdeka as much as I wish to.

Did you know... (ala Hitz dot fm)
Tunku sat in an MG during the motorade to announce the date of Independence in Melaka in 1956. Now that's what I call STYLE... Who sat with him?

"Tunku rode in together with former MCA leader Tun Tan Siew Sin and Datuk Panglima Bukit Gantang Toh Muda Abdul Wahab Abdul Aziz. It bears the same registration number, M4442.

So it wasn't Tunku sitting on the convertible on his own. He had friends with him! And now you knows....

And guess what? Apparently our Prime Minister Badawi will be riding on a motorade, similar to Tunku's in Melaka again, in conjuction with our 50th Merdeka. And who is Prime Minister Badawi riding with this time around?

This time, Abdullah will ride the car with Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim and Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

And now you knows...



interesting post.. my 21th merdeka celebration and i never thought of this before. people always see things on such a large scale that they doesnt get deep into details.partially 'ignorance' as when people tend to accept things as there were (couldnt put and effort to discover more).a real eye opener.kudos!

p/s: are you always this particular?

10:56 am  

I'm pretty sure they named the delegates who accompanied tunku to london in our history text books. I certainly remember memorising the names!!

11:48 am  

long time no see :)

6:47 pm  

Picasso is known as "Father of Cubism". I guess one day he got up and questioned himself - "Why must I paint only from one perspective? Why can't I paint from two or more perspective?"

And so Picasso looked at an object from a few angles and thus all the funnily distorted paintings were created.

I'd like to think that one should always look at an object from a few perspective. Hopefully it'll help us appreciate any issue/question better.

It has been ages since I left school......

Less fats
Long time no see too..... good to hear that you are losing fatzzzzz. Someone has to and if it isn't me, I guess it might as well be you =P

4:19 am  

agree2 ^^

6:44 pm  

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6:24 pm  

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6:27 pm  

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6:34 pm  

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