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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
To The One Who Searched For 'Malay Pig'

To the young boy with the heart of a man, Wee Meng Chee.

“Is it so bad to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood,
and Socrates, and Jesus, and Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo,
and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sometimes out of boredom, I would check my stats counter. I used to be manic about this but in recent months, I have not found enough time to be compulsive obsessive.

You will be amazed by what comes streaming through my blog’s door. I mean, the words that people googled to arrive at ANNN can make many men and women blush with sheer embarrassment! I think it’s sick that people google ‘nude child’. I do not want to know why people google ‘nude 70 year old man’. I mean, are the 70 year old man’s nuts that appetising?

Today I received yet another anomaly in the goggle searched words. Some person from Kansas googgled “malay pig” and arrived here at my blog. I would like to address this person, whoever he is. The rest of you folks just have to bear with me as I correct this particular person's misconception.


To The One Who Searched For 'Malay Pig',

I would like to take a moment to correct what you googgled for. I take offence that you associated the word “Malay” with the word “pig”. As you might or might not know, Malays are born Muslim in our wonderful country, Malaysia. They are blessed folks who have chosen to know the right path to God. And as you might or might not know (because I am assuming you aren't Malaysian - hence the rude google search) Muslims cannot consume pork and they do not like to be associated with pigs.

Therefore I would like to clarify that there is no association between “Malay” and “pig”. I hope that you will not search for any more articles with the words “Malay” and “pigs” strung next to each other and if you continue to do so, I am offended on behalf of my Muslim friends. Your actions are callous and insensitive towards our many diversity here in Malaysia.

However you may associate the words “Chinese” and “pig”. I don't think I am a pig but my opinions might differ from the mainstream. Nothing much will happen to you if you associate the Chinese with pigs because many Chinese have had those words thrown at them. This has been going on for so many years without much protest from the Chinese community, so I think that it is socially acceptable to string “Chinese” and “pig” next to each other.

Let me explain a little more, if you do not understand what I have just said. Many of us experience the phase every so often. Sometimes it is used as an ending to a sentence. For example, “Go back to China lah, you Chinese pig”. (‘Balik Cina lah, lu babi cina’).

To further illustrate my point, I shall share a true account of how my father ended up with those words hurled at him. It happened when my father corrected a bunch of Malay men in their mid 20s who were trailing and harassing two girls on the street at 4 p.m. last Friday afternoon.

‘Jangan kacau perempuan itu,’ (Don’t harass the girls.)

‘Ko sibuk sangat, buat apa? Aku bukan kacau ko! Aku kacau tu pompuan.' (Why are you meddling into my business? I am not harassing you. I am harassing those girls.)

‘Tak sopan kalau kacau mereka. Kalau nak kacau, kacau depan ayah mereka atau abang mereka.’ (It’s rude to harass the girls. If you want to tease, tease them in front of their fathers or brothers.)

‘Oi! Balik Cina lah, lu babi cina!’ (Oi! Go back to China, you Chinese pig!)

It does not matter if my father was defending (and to a certain extend, protecting) those girls. It does not matter if the boys were wrong or my father was right. I think my father’s teaching whiskers were prominently displayed, so the boys walked away after they were satisfied insulting my father. No one stepped forward to help either party, although there were many spectators that stood by the road to watch the exchange of words.

‘Babi' and 'Cina’ are two words almost synonymous with the Chinese community here in Malaysia. Ask any Chinese and if he is brave enough and is honest enough, he'll tell you that he had been called such. However don't ask him now because he will have to say something else. He is afraid that he might be thrown out of his beloved homeland. Nobody enjoys being thrown out of his house, so imagine how serious it is to be threatened to be thrown out of his homeland. Thus I hope you'll understand his little problem.

In secret, some Chinese adults might whisper to you that children who are not even 4 feet tall called them “chinese pigs” and/or asked them to return to China. For example, I might be called "babi cina" and then asked to "balik Cina lah!" for writing this article although I am born and raised here in Malaysia, am a good citizen and paid my taxes.

I don’t know who taught young impressionable children such crude words because I don’t think children innately address other human beings as Chinese pigs. Some older men, especially teachers like my father, would tell these kids off – “kurang ajar” (which means lack of manners). That does not seem to stop these children, who behave rudely and are truly kurang ajar. These fat little kids often shrug and walk off with their ais potong (ice lolly), unperturbed by everything, totally unremorseful of what they have said.


So don’t worry if you wish to google for “Chinese” and “pig” because generally we, Chinese have been addressed as such at least once in our lifetime. You won’t find any of us picketing anywhere near your embassy because we are too busy earning money. Most of us have big hearts and larger pockets. We don’t mind sharing a certain percentage of our hard earned money. All we want is a peaceful country and we will shut our eyes to injustice and swallow resentment, just as long as our handbags get bigger and our cars get flashier.

It's logical conclusion, you see. If we were annoyed by the callous remark, we would have taken it to the streets. We would have protested and made sure that people around us know that it is offensive to the Chinese community. We would cooperatively make our voice heard through forums and discussions. We would write to the newspaper or do as I am doing, write something a little more positive, to bring about a healthy discussion about the state of our affairs. Alternatively we could vote in better representatives. But since none of the above has happened (other than my annual Merdeka post), it is safe to say that you can search for the words "Chinese" and "pig" in any search engine of your choice.

As for the Malays, I hope you will refrain from searching for the words “Malay pig” because they are not pigs and they find pigs offensive. Please show some more respect for them. Malaysians (generally) are a tolerant bunch and I hope that you are able to tolerate them too, despite being non-Malaysian. So remember to be a civic conscious netizen. Don't word search "Malay pig". The act is offensive to all of us.


This is my Merdeka post and it carries many messages within its string of words. Happy Merdeka and may my homeland grow and prosper forever.

Should this article ever cause a stir in the Malaysian teacup, I know full well that some Chinese I know (with very thick gold chains) will nod his head and say I deserve to be punished if I wrote this article because I have insulted someone or something. Perhaps they will even use the most common trump card, which is to accuse anyone who disagree with them that he is inciting hatred. It has happened before, you see. But do not be quick to blame the Chinese if he prefers to shut his eyes to injustice, so that he could line his pocket thicker. He has paid a huge price.

People who cannot see the underlying message in this post might nod their heads and ask me to apologize for writing this post. These people have either sold their souls to profit their bank balance or they aren't quick minded to understand the message I am trying to convey. I strongly believe that intelligent people will recognize that I have no intention to insult anyone or anything. Smart and civilized folks will see what lies within myself is a passion for my country and a love for my people.

This post flowed from my burning heart. Young people who clamp up and do not voice their concerns are not helping our nation much. It is true what our nation’s founding fathers said. Freedom isn’t free. There is always sacrifice for something as precious as freedom and justice. My question is, "What have you done for your country today?"

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Though they cant consume it, some still do. But good on u for clearifying stuff. People need to be more culturally aware.

5:59 pm  

although its hard not to generalise, i see that you're walking a very fine line - i share your sentiments and applaud your points, most of us a really still in the dark...50 years dah *sigh*

5:10 am  

Polarisasi (polite word for racial discrimination), is exist in Malaysia, but people like to ignore it than deal with it, I'm a malay male and I got no problem with this entry, but trust me, malay people don't read much, someone gonna have a problem with this, just like that boy in Taiwan.

7:41 am  

Hmmm I am not really talking about consuming pork...

Absolut Xman
You see, we are not really that different despite all our differences. You love Malaysia, I love Malaysia. You want the best for the country. I want the best for the country. We are basically the same inside.

Now all we need to do is sit at a table, order teh ais and discuss constructively how to be strong and responsible citizen, so our country can prosper.

The longer we ignore it, the more distorted it will be. Young people should be able to talk/discuss about our current state of affairs, throw ideas and offer positive actions to help Malaysia grow.

We are blessed in the sense that Malaysia has many resources. All of us, mykad holders. have the responsiblity to grow this country. Study well, contribute to the community and bring Malaysia its deserving name.

It isn't a sensitive issue if we are able to talk about this in a matured fashion. I think Malaysia being 50 yrs old, we are matured enough to deal with various issues. It rests on the shoulders of the younger generation to pave the way towards a better future.

I am glad that you and I agree on many points raised, particularly how important it is for the Chinese community to start taking up more responsibility to voice their opinions and serve our nation instead of their own pockets.

Eg: The government's call for more Chinese to join in the military, police force and government agencies should be heeded. Our children should come back to Malaysia to serve the country etc.

8:00 am  

They are not "kurang ajar", they are more of a "terlebih ajar"

9:16 am  

Malaysia is peaceful because of peace loving majority, ie. the Malays. She is irresistable because of tolerant Malays, and mostly ready to co-operate to achive a better future. Had it been the other way around, your grannies had already packed and fled off. That "true-story-incident" can't justify the wholesome treatments of the Malays towards your community.

Building pig farms around the Malay villages is not a nice way to live side-by-side. Cooperating with corrupt and ugly Malay officials is not the way to do business. Voting the wrong political party will affect the kids behavioral patterns in the future. Parties that uphold truth and justice should be considered for future government.

Then again, will you sacrifies present's guilty-comforts to build a better future for Malaysia? Will your community prepared to do that? Would they?

10:17 am  

I think it's safe to say "salah ajar". This is something all races are guilty about. I absolutely abhor Chinese families who teach their children "you naughty, the Indian man will come and catch you". People who say that, even total strangers, get an earful from me.

I think each and every race has a prejudice against the other.

Why are there consistent reminders (or threats) that the harmony Malaysians are enjoying will be broken if we talked about the "sensitive" issues?

Eg: don't talk about this because it's sensitive or might cause the races to riot etc.

If everyone is so peace loving, I would like to assume that it's okay to talk about everything, right?

I don't know about your granny but my maternal granny worked hard raised 13 children and ran the household well. She held a red card, paid her taxes and dues. My paternal grandmother is born right here in Malaysia. She worked hard, raised 6 kids and all her children are working and educated. She died her in her good age of 83. Neither of them packed their bags to flee.

Here are some things you might want to know about me.

1. I don't consume pork at all out of respect for my Malay friends and my family's Muslim maid. I was raised by Malay ladies and speak fluent Malay. If you were to speak to me on the phone, you might not be able to distinguish my command of the national language verses any Malays. I wear more than 10 sets of baju kurung, baju kedah, kebaya etc. I also have equal number of cheongsams.

2. Raising a pig farm next to a Malay kampung is as insensitive as blasting the Muslim call to prayer 5 times a day at various estates and housing projects.

Personally I do not condone that pig farms be located anywhere near any housing projects, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian or whatever. They are rather unhygenic creatures and the standard of farming isn't exactly wonderful.

On the other hand, I do not find the Muslim call to prayer offensive at all. Staying near kampungs my whole life, I actually find the Muslim call to prayer very peaceful and soothing. If you read one of my posts, it clearly describes the incident when I buried my favourite cat against the Muslim call to prayer on the 1st day of Hari Raya.

3. I do not believe in offering bribes. I try my best to do things according to the book and thus far, I have been blessed because I meet wonderful and cooperative people working in the government agencies.

I have never offered anything when stopped by traffic police. Thus far a smile sufficed each time. I try not to do anything that warrants a booking ticket. I think that's a smarter option.

4. I believe that everyone should exercise their voting rights. They have the responsibility to choose just and fair politicians to manage the government.

I would vote for Tony Fernandez for Prime Minister any time.

5. I cannot speak for the entire community but personally I am willing to put in effort and sacrifice some of my time. I contribute by writing and highlighting some of the issues in the most civilised manner I know how.

Thank you for reading and responding in similar manner.

12:20 pm  

err... i tot the word chinese and pig suppose to be " CINA BABI" instead of BABI CINA.. hahaha.. CINA BABI are more fluence and easy to be called out.. kaka

1:10 pm  

Err... I was being grammatically correct. In Bahasa Malaysia, the adjective is 2nd to the noun. Example, "baju biru", where you name the thing (baju) and then you describe its quality (biru).

Further examples include 'budak pandai', 'Malaysia cemerlang' and 'bayi muda'. This is the rule for the Malaysian language.

So going back to the topic of "pig" and "chinese" - As we all know, 'pig' is a noun and 'Chinese' is an adjective. In BM, the grammatically correct phrase would be 'babi cina'.

Thank you.

1:22 pm  


I wasn't threatening or insulting you or your late grandparents. I was talking about human's tendency to stay-in any place where they found suitable to set-up a family, or moving somewhere else if is not.

Comparing pig farms with Muslim calling-for-prayer is insulting, and you might don't want to say that in the future, do you?

It should be compared to temple's lung-choking incenses, or loud noisy lion or dragon dances, or fire-crackers-burning, or bell-ringing Indian's temple, or loud-messy-road closing-kavadi-carrying by our Indian friends(Its banned in India, mind you).

Do you think those are not enough to tolerate the call-for-prayer?

5:27 am  

I knew you weren't insulting. I would have been less friendly in my response if you were.

Comparing what one culture does to another culture is a dead end game. Muslim call to prayer happens 5 times, kavadi, dragon festival or fire cracker burning are annual celebrations. There is a whole lot of difference just in the quantity alone.

But seriously I am not here to insult or be insulted. I am not that easily offended because I think I have a rather strong persona.

I do not tolerate the Muslim call to prayer. I find it melodious and uplifting. Envelopes the whole area with a very spiritual connection. Personally I find it very soothing and makes the whole Malaysia experience more unique.

However you must agree that not all people share my sentiment.

Why should you feel insulted by the pig-Muslim call to prayer comparison? Do you not know that many Chinese eat pork daily, just like how Muslim pray daily? For every thing a race finds offensive, another race can mention equally what irks them.

Eg: Do remember that many Indians do not consume beef but they hardly say that they are insulted if a restaurant or school hostel serve it at mealtimes.

So where is the comparison going to end? The answer, I believe is, never ending. So instead of comparing, why don't just keep mum and let others celebrate the way they know how.

I shall end this comment with something that I find absolutely distasteful - the way that dogs are treated here in Malaysia. From the way that some Chinese families keep them to the way that a town council officer shoots dogs mercilessly.

You cannot kill animals so carelessly just because a particular religion does not encourage contact with dogs. Even if it's for health purposes (rabies), there are better/safer/more respectful ways to curb some strays.

And before anyone comments on this topic, I must add that personally I am a cat person and I do not own dogs anymore because I cannot care for them responsibly. For me, this is an animal welfare issue which is affected by the religious and cultural beliefs here in Malaysia.

2:30 am  


I found it a quite contradicting when you said you can't tolerate Muslim call-for-prayer (adzan), while at the same time you find it "uplifting very soothing and makes the whole Malaysia experience more unique".

Otto, we can't compare religion to that animal, can we? We should compare religion to religion. Where is your common sense? That why I was insulted and offended. Generally, Malays have try very hard not to insult other religions, no matter how bizarre they might find it.

You know, beside my taman, there is an Indian village with 2 or more big temples, I reckon there are more but I'm not keen to venture in. So, I know how many times and at what time the bells ring per day. I take that on the positive side, well, at least I know what time is it.

Couple of weeks ago, they were parading their deities accompanied by loud percussions and trumpets on the main road at 11 PM! (I live on the corner lot beside the main road) You know, I just about to brush my teeth. Sometimes (prev.years) they dragged along cows and elephants. But to the Malays, as long as they are happy, and not crossing the boundary, they can do whatever they want. Oh, my neighbor is a Chinese family, and so are the 2 houses across the road.

Muslim can touch dog or pig, but the step to cleanse it is quite tedious. We have to wash with 1x soil water, follow by 6x clean water, if we come contacted with wet dog, dog saliva, dog poo or pig. Dog doesn't stay still if we touch it. They always want to lick you or bite you if you look unfriendly, that it. As long we don't wash, we can't pray or eat using that hand. It is not the dog that Muslim hate, but the uncleanness that we have problem with.

Otto, the problem with stray dogs is quite serious in urban area. They attack people and pooed on the sidewalks. Dog is not a solitary animal, so they come with packs and it can be intimidating to people who can't touch dog like the Malays. As you can see, most town officials or local councils are Malays, so they took easier approach to it. But, if you have proof that they have committed such act, you can make a police report. As for me, local councils should contact animal welfare org like SPCA to handle such problem. But then again, SPCA is expected people to adopt them or they have to put them to sleep.

Otto, some non-Muslim like to walk their dogs, but they don't want to take care of their pets' poo. It can be problem to Muslim. You know, in Paris they have to clean back their dog's leftover.


4:49 am  

its amazing how i can see people arguing profesionally here.correcting what is's and dont's(not like certain blog where everyone is cursing each other).after 50 years of independence i hope malaysian is more open in discussing sensitive issues.this is when problems and conflict can be solve.not just kept the hatred deep inside and pass it down from generation to the end the cummulative hatred will surely explode (another may 13th?).tun mahathir once quote "racial harmony in malaysia definition is every race mind their on business and avoiding sensitive issues".i dont think this concept of racial harmony will last long.people are starting to make noise.i had to agree with otto that malaysian esp the malays(im a malay myself) are racist. we tend to judge people for their race.the words like "cina babi" or "keling pariya" can be heard anywhere.thats sucks when i initially thought european are the racist one. it turns out that my own race act the same way.i believe we can live peacefully when we respect each other culture and belief.the government doesnt help much looking how they 'nurture' the; boarding schools are separating malays from other races (im a product of one).to tell the truth i dont have much multi-racial friends. why? i doesnt have the my school all students are malays? where is the multi-races country we are proud of?the other privilage to the malays are opening the race gap bigger.other races are envious of the malays.we get a lot and they get so little. arent we all malaysian? there is no 'tanah melayu' anymore. after 50 wonderful years of living under one roof called malaysia. lets stop the 'ini negara kami, kamu tak suka keluar'.we all know. NOW its everyone country.malaysia belongs to malaysian.i will vote for malaysian equality anytime.and please teach our children and future generation not to be racist.cheers!

9:16 am  

I am glad that you asked the question. I do not "tolerate" the Muslim call to prayer. I accept it as part of my daily life and I respect it. I find it peaceful and melodious, esp the one at maghrib.

The call to prayer is resounding in the air and I have a smile as I write this.

Comparing religion to religion sounds logic and I'd agree. So let's put it this way. You cannot consume pork but many other races can. So who should tolerate who?

I know the washing ritual and rules pertaining to the keeping of dogs. I have some close Muslim friends =) we buka sahur together and sometimes they accompany me when I makan (even though they puasa). That's called love and understanding.

And again I should stress that I find the practice of rearing dogs quite distasteful here in Malaysia. Whenever I see people walking their dogs without a leash, they get an earful from me. Some dogs killed one of my pet cat too and you know what? My father told him in not so subtle ways that he will report the owner to the police if he does not start walking those dogs on leashes and show more concern for animal welfare.

I remember once in Heathrow airpot and the dogs were patrolling with their police owners. One sniffed at a bag that belonged to a Muslim. The old lady kept quiet while the dog searched. I told the police man that she was Muslim and hoped he would guard his dog better.

You see, Anon. You and I aren't that different.

v v
Thank you for your comments. I am sure that all of us will reflect and look into our hearts. If you would like to know why not too many non-Muslims are keen on sending their young to hostels, I can just name a few reasons. One that I find most surprising is the closing of canteens during the fasting month. Why should the non-Muslims go hungry when it was not their faith that required them to fast?

On my own accord, the fasting month is quite interesting. I meet my Muslim friends like usual and sometimes I forget that they are fasting. I might carelessly suggest that we meet in Ikea or something for tea and they'll say, "Eh I am puasa-ing, ok Otto. But never mind, we go there and you can makan. We just chit chat and catch up, ok?"

Of course I'd feel shy about the insensitivity but I make it up. We go buka puasa together! Yay!

That's respecting our differences and that's why we are still friends. They are open minded enough to accept me for who I am and I am willing to love them for who they are - Muslim faith and all.

I have been told many times in primary school years that I am wrong to eat in front of the Muslims during the fasting month - that I am not sensitive and that I am babi cina, hari-hari makan babi.

How different the world would be if there were more friends like my Muslim friends? And more colleagues like my Indian colleagues?


9:45 am  

Remember Raja Petra said: More than 90% of malays were actually non-Muslims, because they don't follow the teaching of Islam.

Can a true Muslim prohibit another Muslim to build a mosque? Any part of koran said to build a mosque for the Chinese Muslims is haram? Another Malaysia Boleh one story yah?

I firmly believe, when I die and go to hell, I will meet many "Malaysian Muslims" there, all the munafik who used Islam not for them to be closer to God, but for their idiotic, selfish and vicious self-interest.

More classic examples of half-past-six mentalities displayed by the present so-called leaders, ministers, and worst of all politicians (monkey-brain), bad for the nation but good for those who knows how to take advantage of their stupidity.

Religion alone can never help us to become more clever and smart, especially with the present attitude and style of the malays, who are going backwards more and more, and heading for the caves and jungles in time to come.

In Malaysia the constitution is not the supreme document in law. It has been so trampled by the Umno gangsters; it has come to a point where these gangsters are a law unto themselves. To them the constitution is respected when it suits their intents and toilet paper when it does not.

Mob rule is tolerated by the police when it is an Umno orchestrated mob. Non-Umno gatherings are an inconvenience and clobbered to pulp.

Malaysia is dead as a nation. They are dying to call this land Tanah Melayu so we might as well let them destroyed it. It is no loss to the non-malays since they are treated as pendatang anyway.

Let these gangsters plunder and rob their own kind. They are notorious for inbreeding in any case. They would probably enjoy devouring their own kind too. Crooks and hypocrites at the helm will never grow a nation. Only chaos and disaster beckon.

I wish it were different, but I have long since decided they deserve what they get. No point in banging my head against the wall.

8:49 am  

Racism in Malaysia is apparent to anyone who has eyes! Malays are just a bunch of cripples who will collapse to the ground if their tongkat is taken away.

Remove their constitutional rights, their 7% discount on houses, their 30% equity in companies, their quota system in public universities etc……….what is left?

Only a bunch of malays begging in gutters or worse, they may have to eat pork to survive!

8:51 am  

If you are to do a study among all Muslim countries, the level of development will be directly proportional to the level of Islamisation of the country.

Just do a study - you will know the fact. The reasons are so obvious why this is so. I do not want to elaborate here to hurt the feelings of Muslims but I mention just two:

- they sidelined the women.
- how many Muslim nations are in deep religious based wars?
- and plus many other activities against productivity.

You cannot have it both ways. Live in this world or live in the after world. There is time only for one.

This is why I see very bleak future for Malaysia the way it is heading - the day when we 'Talibanise' Malaysia.

Our constitution does not say we are a secular state. But by the same token, nowhere does it say we are an Islamic state either.

A country can be Islamic but yet remain secular in government. Turkey, Egypt and Algeria are prime examples. As long as the constitution remains the supreme law of the land, we are an Islamic country but a secular state.

All these are really non-issues as long as everybody sticks to the original game plan.

Look at it one way, it seems like they want to keep the NEP because they are taking advantage of perks and curbs, keep the Umno linked filthy rich.

First of all, the NEP has no goodwill towards the non-malays. They think that the non-malays are rich and can afford to run overseas because of the drought of local university places available?

This is another fallacy. Truth is a lot of the non-malay parents have to work their asses off, keeping a small unit family, just to use all their savings to finance education overseas because local opportunities are not forthcoming and not available.

Malaysia lose a lot of talents in such a way, especially when the NEP has indeed made certain non-malays very competitive on the global scale. For these people having been successful overseas and given a fair go at the opportunities, they will think twice to come home to adversity in Malaysia.

And that is a fact. Do you know that we lose almost 80% of our local talents to the US, UK and Australia every year! Go check the emigration records. Do you know that the Malaysian contingent is the largest oversea students in Australia, and almost 100% that succeeds takes up Australia PR and citizenship?

That is exactly the formula used by many progressive countries including the US, UK, Australia, even China.

These countries have policies that stress both the affirmative action to aid the poor and complement it with an emphasis on high standards, including robbing other countries of their human capital by enticements such as international scholarships.

So I can't understand why it is not palatable or applicable to the malays! Why lay back when you have the world as a challenge.

The failure of the various Malaysia communities to integrate is not because there is no common language, but the ill will festered by the outmoded communal politics that Umno Youth seems want to perpetuate, the NEP, and the lack of Malaysia kinship (e.g. one race want to be tuan).

It is only nature that human beings and animals learn more from failure than success. So, be prepared for a soul cleansing in the next 10 - 20 years in Malaysia.

Yes, the one common denominator is that they are all not Muslim countries. Even among Muslim countries, the less that Islamization is the focus of national existence, the better off the society from a social, political and economic standpoint.

That is why Turkey used to be relatively better off in various aspects compared to other Muslim countries but this has been starting to change recently.

Hate to say it but yes, obsession with Islam is anathema to progress, political stability, peace and economic well being.

We agree that it is difficult to manage a multiracial country like Malaysia with its diverse religions and races. It is also obvious from the discussion that the current political and economic model has failed us, particularly with regards to racial integration.

We are heading towards a crisis. We need to have a paradigm shift in our socio-economic model. Otherwise the omens look bad.

Now humans are humans, be it malays, Japanese or Israelis, when one is in absolute power there will be a tendency to sideline the minorities. Arrogance and abuse will crop in. There is no doubt about it.

To be developed, there should be peace, good sense of responsibilities, equality and cooperation. Of course, good leadership and governance is equally important. Every party should not to be made to feel deprived.

I still feel that mixing religion with politics is not wise - for we can see around the world almost everywhere trouble spots are based on religious differences and in countries where religion is part of politics. That is the reason why Malaysia although a Muslim country should remain secular.

8:57 am  

I have the same thoughts. The Islamic peoples, especially the malays, think they are somehow superior because they don't eat pork.

Or reverse, they think the Chinese and other pork eating peoples such as the Americans, Europeans, Japanese etc, are filthy because they eat pork. But the truth is the pork eating peoples are much healthier, wealthier, and overall superior.

The life expectancy of the Japanese is the highest in the world and the Japanese peoples eat a lot of pork. In fact, judging by the life expectancy, the Islamic peoples have the shortest expectancy or the most inferior level of living standard. If this means that they are inferior, then they certainly are.

Maybe as suggested, the malays should copy the Chinese and start eating pork to improve themselves overall. Obviously, not eating pork hasn't helped them to advance.

9:02 am  

The malays are a truly hypocrite bunch of people. All this bullshit about the 'freedom of religion' as only appears to apply to anyone but not the malays!

The malays have made Islam such a hated religion with many man-made laws and impositions, all to suit their own convenience, and yet they claim to be 'Islamic' without even practicing the religion as it was intended to be practiced.

If Malaysia only wants Islam, then get rid of all the other races and live truly as 'Malay'sia, and see the country being destroyed by brainless malays monkeys in a matter of one year!

Why can't all races live in harmony? Why must anything that is related to Islam be such a huge contentious issue?

What the hell is the Syariah Court? These so-called Syariah 'lawyers' are a joke to the legal profession. The travesty of justice in Malaysia regarding converts to Islam especially is demeaning and a pathetic joke.

The Federal Court which is the supreme legal authority in Malaysia is 'impotent' against this useless Syariah Court when it comes to matters dealing with conversion! What absolute rubbish!

The malays are nothing but over-zealous hypocrites who don't even understand Islam in the proper context, let alone profess to practice it!

If malays want to progress in the world, you will have to rid the notion of God and your religion. It is your backward religion that is holding you back from every strata.

Look at Muslim countries. They are absolutely backwards in every aspect, living in the most poverty-ridden corners. But when it comes to religion, and building mosques which is half empty always, they build the best ones. Ignoring the poor people who live in shacks.

In Malaysia there is a mosque about every 100km and now they are built along the main streets of all towns. Is it to prove that you are so very religious? You think that every one has only sex in their mind all the time! This is a fault that undermines humans.

Now you have to rid your backward religion and go forward. And you must learn to accept that there is no God but dog.

Malaysia will never achieve developed status, certainly not with the malays. At least Mahathir built two tall structures that got the attention of the world, as he knew that the intellectual 'capabilities' of the malays were as good as a cow in the paddy field, regardless of any kind of miracle!

Despite all that the Malaysia government has been doing for the malays for ages, the malays are still way behind in terms of everything. They are lazy and have become so accustomed to handouts that they refuse to work to earn an honest living.

It is very sad. Why can't all races compete fairly? Remove all the barriers and ensure free competition based on capability and merit, rather than by race. Will that ever happen?

Everything in Malaysia is a joke when it comes to the malays. They are laughed at by everyone in this world for being incompetent, lazy, useless morons.

Be like Raja Petra……….a self-made man to be proud of, also a malay that is objective and can distinguish right from wrong.

9:08 am  

If only the malays are a bit smarter, then BN won't win. The problem is malays are too damn stupid that they keep voting for BN. I don't know what poison BN gave to make them in this state.

9:16 am  

Interesting article.

The world is rapidly changing, with WTO and globalisation. What is really scary is that many of our Malaysian politicians are still living in the 60s and 70s and have not kept up to the times. They continue to use scare tactics and intimidation.

And let us face the facts; the average malay is just not ready for globalisation. Due to misconstrued policies and handouts, the biggest losers in the globalisation race in Malaysia are unfortunately going to be the malays.

Their solution: Continue fiddling with the wealth redistribution and NEP instead of creation. And the use of scare tactics to prevent any discussion about this.

While the country is gradually slipping down the competitive ladder, the leaders particularly from Umno are playing fiddle.

Smart Malaysians are quietly looking for opportunities to invest overseas or even contemplating emigration.

Nobody wants to be the last passenger to get out in a sinking ship.

9:22 am  

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