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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
What Happens When The Nude Goes For A Holiday With Eight Boys?

"The most beautiful girls are in Poland," he said, then putting out his cigarette.

"The last Polish girl I knew had blue eyeshadow and looked like a Russian girl peddling flowers," I said. "Hmmm I somehow remember very short skirts and platforms..."


The flight to Poland was 1 hour and 45 minutes but the difference between the two cities could not be more vast. Perfect weather when we landed in Wroclaw. The boys went out for a drink the second they dropped their bags in the hostel. Ruska 51 is the best place to party as I soon discovered. You could hop from one club to another, never leaving the street. You go in at 10 p.m. after dinner and you emerge in the full sunlight at 5 a.m. Andy BB and Joe even managed to stay up all the way till 8 a.m., served by pretty Polish girls with chopstick legs.

Alex could not have chosen a better time to tease me about my miserable drumstick thighs. "Babs, you feeling fat, is it?" he purred. I felt like smacking him, which I did.

Eight boys and one girl sat at the town square, which was one of the largest in the world at midday. The boys suffered from whiplash by sight of all the hot girls in the shortest shorts and skirts. "Fuck, check that one out!" Mike said, biting his lower lip. The young woman was wearing a slim cut white blouse and a short skirt, with nice high heels. She was beautiful so beautiful. Mike adjusted his Oakley glasses and tried to flash a friendly smile.

Boys. Given half the chance, they'll hump anything mountable.


Wroclaw (pronounce: "row-slav") is a beautiful city, filled with green parks, museums, cosy cafes and spectacular restaurants. The whole experience is affordable, with the most delicious meals costing approx. RM120. Simple meals can be had at Kurna Charta, a hotspot for travelers looking for a cheap meal. Meals start at approx. RM10 for pierogi (dumplings) and soups.

Nightlife is amazing. Some clubs are open 24 hours. As night falls, the famous street Ruska 51 comes to life with people queuing for a spot in different clubs. The music in Metropolis was fantastic and I left the place at 5:30 a.m. Beer cost approx. RM8/bottle. I can't list the price for vodka cocktails since I have not paid for a single glass.

Somehow the Brits decided to punish Wroclaw with their awful stag and hen night parties. The nine of us shared our Ryanair flight to Wroclaw with a bunch of men who cross-dressed as nuns. Very Sound of Music. None of them shaved their hairy legs. The groom was made to wear a black latex suit, with its side laced. One evening while we sat on the town square, we watched some dude dressed in Borat's green swimwear. Some guts, I tell you.

Some warning before you click "x" at the corner of this browser and make your hurried bookings to this party heaven. The city imposes a penalty for stupidity. Misadventures are tolerated and perhaps even laughed at but disruptive and destructive drunk behaviour will result in paying a 250zl (equivelent to RM300) fine and being locked up in a tiny room with other Borat-s.

All in all, Wroclaw is vibrant and colourful city. Worth at least one visit in your lifetime.

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one of my sibling nearly married a polish who started stalking me after she left. what's the logic?!?!

yes, i'm alive. but not much kicking. when r u home? i need to go to porkland for some R&R.

3:13 am  

you went along to a stag? heh that's a first!

10:01 am  

Perhaps he was looking for a replacement and what makes better replacement than the little sister? =)

Will get home soon enough, darls. You know, I've not eaten any of those porkie bits since you were last in porkland. Hmmm...

There were many stag and hen parties in Wroclaw. Thank goodness we weren't part of the party though. None of the boys are that lucky yet. Have to build their confidence and shave their legs.

6:34 pm  

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