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Monday, May 21, 2007
Tick Frantic

Ok, so I am frantic at the moment. I'm closing one building sales and in the process of negotiating for another. I haven't shaved my legs in more than 2 weeks. My eye brows make me look like a Chinese Brooke Shields. I haven't gone to the toilet in the last 3 days. Haven't written nor read anything in the last 2 weeks. But I somehow managed to eat fishball noodles every morning.

Will in London Heathrow Terminal 3 in less than 48 hrs time and hopefully I will be able to tick of my list of chores and start writing something soon.




try some metamucil. or prunes.

11:42 pm  

Oh Vagus. Such joy to have you while I await for boarding call. Got bunked up to Business Class too, hehehe.

I haven't had TIME to go to the toilet, not that I need any prunes or Metamucil. Thank you for your kind thoughts though =)

You made my Tues morning beautiful.

1:56 am  

have never gotten free upgrades before. despite having shamelessly asked.
have a good flight!

4:53 am  

Make sure you don't scare the person who's picking you up from your destination.

Looks like this is another advantage of being good looking. ;)

Please update soon!

6:28 am  

Good luck with everything!
Hope your next post will be up soon. :)

4:24 pm  

Will be in London too!! in like a week's time? for a month.

10:02 pm  

Have a great trip Otto! :)

2:10 am  

I read somewhere that you have to dress the part, which when I really think about it, I think it's true. I recall the times when I was upgraded and each occasion I wore proper. It isn't magic to figure out why I was never upgraded during my "traveller" years =)

No Strings Attached
I shall try me best!

There are several drafts for posts but I was too busy to really write well enough to be published. Self censorship, I guess.

Hey! Can have duck rice at the Four Seasons! Yeehah!


1:35 pm  

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