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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
I Think of You Each Day

Dear readers,

I wake up each morning and wonder to myself, "So what story are you going to spin today for your dear readers?". I do this while rolling in my duvet. This is a similarity I share with my story's key character, Otto.

Often I think up new experiences for Otto, birthing her to life and giving her emotions. I do this while driving, walking from Point A to Point B, working and even while I am socialising with my friends. I often talk to you, my dear readers, as I go through my day.

The whole writing process is similar to spinning wool into something colorful and beautiful, keeping our bodies warm during cold months. I peddle ideas in my head, toss them about, add new threads, snip away bad ends and take great care to ensure that everything doesn't end up in a knot.

Today is one of those unusual days when I am in a knot. I have given myself today as the dateline for the next installment for Nude, Not Naked. You will understand once the next chapter is released, hopefully by tomorrow, if I sit my ass still on the chair to write the ending out.

So this is just a short HOLLA from me to you, my dear readers. Enjoy the ride!

p.s: Do drop me a line or two at I am curious what you think of the story so far. Thanks well in advance, baby.



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