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Monday, September 05, 2005
Help The Nude Today!

This blog was birthed in September 2005 as a writing practice. I had taken a writing course in the UK over summer and was exploring the possibility of writing professionally. This blog has given me a rare opportunity to express myself and present my ideas articulately. Since then I spent hours writing most of the things you read here.

A kind stranger offered me a golden opportunity in February 2006 and I started to write freelance for a car magazine with a circulation of 53,000. He has since become a friend and is now known in this blog as the Good Editor. I thrive on a challenging environment, in my private life as well as my professional.

Now I wish to write more frequently, with the aim of securing a column in a magazine or newspaper in near future. Thus far I freelance for a car magazine and have references to show my writing credentials. I am comfortable writing about fashion, women issues, children literacy as much as writing about cars, sex and boy gadget product reviews.

If you would peruse through this blog, you will notice that my writing style has flourished in recent months. I hope to further develop my skills and as such, I would much appreciate if you would pass my name and contact to your friends. If I have done a great job entertaining you, please sell The Nude and this blog to those who are working in publishing houses or are magazine/newspaper editors.

(This is not a moment to be shy anymore, Otto.) Oh what the hell, you can just unshamelessly sell me to your friends! You can contact me by email and we will see where it will take us.

Thank you in advance.

Otto, The Nude



Well, if it makes you feel better, yours is one of those rare blogs in Malaysia that has The Great Swifty's nod of approval.

2:40 pm  

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