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Monday, April 28, 2008
Nothing Stays The Same

The season has come and gone. Flowers died and now they are alive again. Snow came and then it melted. How different everything seems when time comes calling.

Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. What was there a month ago is now long gone.

Snow boarding in Himos during Easter
(check out the snow!)

The sea that was frozen a month ago. Now ducks and swans swim merrily in it.

Exhilaration at 160km/h on the Ducati.

Visited the zoo on a sunny Sunday.

I was not the only one enjoying the sun.

(Near) Future
I am returning home to turn this 2D plan into a 3D house.

Ground floor

1st floor


I can't complain about how my life is unfolding. There are many things to look forward to. I am very excited about the house and especially the furniture shopping (hehehe). I am a little pissed off that I missed Gudang's sales in March but I am sure there will be another one just round the corner. Also need to find some handsome looking lightings.

Do you know where I can find reasonablly priced Nordic inspired furniture pieces (that is not from Ikea)? After years of clubbing and pubbing around, I somehow have settled into a more serene lifestyle, which is reflected in a change of furniture taste.



It's gonna be difficult......

11:21 am  

Aiyoh that sounds so promising...

11:32 am  

Its not difficult if you're not in a hurry to fill spaces.

look at it as an ongoing/long term project and buy the pieces that you really want.

4:06 pm  

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